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  • Creating Landing Page that Converts Traffic to Sale

    Creating Landing Page that Converts Traffic to Sale

    When search engine optimisation consultants are working on a new project, a lot of efforts is put into on page and off page optimisation, especially link building. That is all well and good but some SEO consultant do not put enough time into one crucial part of on page optimisation, which arguably is the most important part; landing page.

    It is extremely important to get your landing page right, not just for SEO resaons but for PPC as well. If you get the landing page designed correctly with link, controls and call to action buttons arranged in an optimum fashion, your will not only keep visitors on your site for longer but you will convert more visitors to customers.

    Search Engine Optimisation consultant, Simon Lucas recently wrote a guest blog for where he explain all the important things you should put into a landing page. Except from Simon Lucas landing page article follows:

    The landing page which a user (a person browsing the web) falls on, is ranked by search engines such as Google according to very strict criteria, here are a few points worth considering when creating a landing page for a high quality website.

    The URL
    The first thing we look at is the url. This may be related to the type of website or industry which the website is representing.

    Although not essential, if the website can be evaluated quickly, from a glance at the url, this may be helpful for the user. By the same token, it is best to avoid urls which look like spam, or look to be promoting spammy type websites. Be careful notto use words which may be associated with pages full of pay per click adverts.

    It is also a good idea to ensure your url does not contain garbled wording and random characters, these will not help with getting your web pages to the top of search engines such as Bing and Google.

    You can read the full article at creating the perfect landing page on

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