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    Expanded Domain Name Whois Information by DOMOF

    If you want to rank top for a certain keyword or key phrase in leading search engines, or you want to find out why and how your competitor's website is ranking higher in SERPs than you, before you start link building or any other SEO stuff, you need to find out as much information about your competition as possible. There are several ways to find out this crucial SEO information; you can buy expensive website analysis software which will really not turn out to be a good return for you investment, you can use several free online tools or you can use a single tool from one location that provide you detailed website analysis, the tool is called DOMOF or Domain of Interest.

    DOMOF is one of the best domain name information tools you can find online free of charge. You don't even need to get into complicated registration malarkey to use it, all you need to do is insert your competition's (or any web address you can't to checkout) into the form at DOMOF, hit search and you will have comprehensive domain name information ranging from the value of the domain names to it potential monthly earning. To find our more about DOMOF, just insert a domain name in the form above and do a search.
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      temi -
      Hello to all, thanks for sharing these useful insights that really do come in handy when doing researches on any domain of interest. Indeed the simplicity of the search process from DomOf is what will fill up the favorites list of most webmasters or regular web users trying to discover more about their own sites or doing competitors analyses. It has been proven recently that the tool has more features than what one could spot out at a first glance, therefore everyone is invited to join the conversation, to add and share own discoveries on this subject. - Upon usage of the freebie or image badge code from DomOf one gets a free do follow link to own site. - The ability of estimating the AdSense earnings, for own site or any other, before actually applying for an AdSense account is crucial to new comers on the web market. - The registered users can do custom searches and are able to extract the links (as flat text) on a quite wide range (various fields) … like extract .edu or .org websites links. - The registered users are able to add comments on the pages that are favorable to their sites. - The registered users could take advantage of the GTraffic tool which is a simple and easy way of generating free mass traffic to any website.