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  • How to create Facebook Mini-site and attract more traffic to your site

    How to create Facebook Mini-site and attract more traffic to your site

    I think Facebook needs no introduction any more, I find it extremely dull and boring when articles about Facebook or any other well know platform for that matter is started with cliches such as the largest social networking site etc etc so I will just assume you already know what Facebook is and go into how you can use some of its services to attract more traffic.

    The aspect this articles looks at is how to create a mini site. If you want to use Facebook for your business, you should create a business version, not the one meant for individual. With the business Facebook page, you can do a lot more such as the mini site this tutorial is talking about. In this article we create a mini site for a naughty dating site called Very Naughty. A step by step instruction of how to create the mini website now follows.

    Step-by-step guide to create your mini Facebook website

    1. Using you favourite web creation software, create a site with a width of 515 pixel by height approximately 800 pixel, create any pages you like on the site. Once the site is created, upload it to a folder on your server, for example www . yourSiteURL .
    2. Now, log-in to Facebook and click to CREATE PAGE button on the top right. Complete all the required 2-3 step, add name, upload image. (Note that the image will appear on the right side of your Facebook page.