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    You hear and read a lot about what you need to do to drive traffic to your site, how you should optimise your on page contents and the importance of link building and other search engine optimisation techniques. That is all well and good, but what is the use of all the time, effort and money invested in driving traffic to your site if you do not know how this traffic interact with your contents and other crucial information about the traffic?
    To help you, especially the novice webmaster make sense of traffic to your site, including helping you answer questions such as what country are my visitors coming from, what devices do they use to view my site, what sort of browser and other vital information, we bring you a script that can help you answer all this question and do so quickly and easily without long winded code installation, its called My Hot Stats.
    You can find out more information about My Hot Stats including how to sign up and obtain support by clicking here
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      I like this information. thanks for this information.
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      Nice post, thanks for sharing webmaster tools with us.