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    by Published on 02-23-2015 04:06 PM

    Link building in post Penguin and Panda period changed a lot. Majority of techniques that worked 3-5 years ago today would be considered as spam by Google team. John Mueller few days ago said that it is better to stop doing link building if you do not want to harm your site's rankings.

    In this thread I would like to discuss SEO & link building techniques that work well in 2015.

    1. Expert roundups. Today it is one of the greatest technique to get quality backlinks from trusted sources. For example this roundup: "SEO & Social Media Marketing Tips for Fundraising" got very good social activity and few quality backlinks including this one: http://nopassiveincome.com/about/.

    Also I published few roundups that were promoted widely on this blog. As you may see I got responses from such people as Neil Patel. And their tweets very vaulable too.

    2. Wikipedia Links. Wikipedia is one of the most visited website in the world. It has Alexa Rank 7. Only few people know how to get backlink from Wikipedia. In fact it is very easy:

    • Create an account on Wikipedia
    • Find an article related to your site niche with a dead link
    • Place that dead link into web archive to see what content it had
    • Rewrite the content and make it live on your site
    • Replace dead link with a link to your site

    3. Broken link building. Big number of quality websites have special pages where they publish links to relevant websites. In fact, they do not have enough of time to review all that links very often. At the same time some of the sites on that pages went offline, moved to another domain, changed link structure etc. So now they return 404 error.

    You just need to get in touch with the site owner, tell him about broken link on his site. And ask to replace it with a link to your site/page. But you must be sure that your link is relevant to 404 link.

    Few month ago I even got a link from Backlinko.com site with very high DA 69 and low Alexa Rank 5,000.

    To be continued....
    by Published on 02-25-2015 09:42 AM

    Well some of SEO specialists I know told me that during 2014 year their number of SEO clients has decreased. The main reason is that today Search Engine Optimisation does not mean the same as 5-7 years ago. Today in top 10 competitive niches you will see mostly YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and other very strong domains.

    That is why it is very difficult to see your site/page in TOP 10 for very competitive keyword.

    I'm not telling that it is not possible to rank the site high nowadays using white hat SEO. But today it is much more expensive and takes more time.

    In 2015 we can finally say that content is the king and good content ranks higher. It gets more social shares, people are more likely to link back to such content. The average number of words in TOP 10 of Google search results landing pages more than 2,000.

    I'm not sure that SEO completely dead but I can say exactly that it changed very much and it is not easy for SEO agencies to adjust to the new standards.
    by Published on 06-12-2014 12:31 PM

    When you do not have a lot of time to manage Adwords campaign, then you should consider cost-per-conversion (CPA) bidding option. To be honest, I was not using it but, since I tried it for the first time, I switched many campaigns managed by me to CPA form.

    I have to say it is one of very useful Google tools that help you to manage campaign easily and it can save you a lot of time. In this post, I will share with you some successful tips that can lower CPA in your Adwords campaign.

    1. Create few ad copies.

    Ad copies may help you to reduce your CPA because some of your ads may not perform very well on cost-per-conversion. Work with your ad and landing page and it can increase your quality score as well as your ad rank. Your customers see ads differently, which means each ad will have its own cost per conversion and click conversion rate. Test with a few ad copies and, after a month, pause or modify worst ad.

    As you can see on my example above, the first ad served 66% of clicks and got 2 conversions, $19.34 CPA, and 6.45% click conversion rate. The second ad served only 33.95% and got 2 conversions as well BUT has a CPA of only $10.02 and a 12.50% click conversion rate. It means that I can pause or edit ad number

    2. Decrease your bids
    Yes, in CPA campaigns you can edit your cost per clicks, too. However, you can’t manually set up the price for each click you are willing to pay. There is an option “Change max CPC” in the edit menu. So you can set up max cost for one click and Adwords will try to get more clicks on your budget. More clicks mean more conversions.

    Just remember that reducing CPC will affect your ad rank and it may not perform well after that. But you can test it to see how many impressions and what average position your ad will get after that.

    3. Work with keyword report in Adwords
    Go to “Dimensions” tab and choose “Search Terms” to get the report. Then, review all keywords that do not perform well for your CPA strategy and pause them. It is one of the most powerful instruments in Adwords analytics. It can help you to find new keywords that potentially could bring you more conversions and identify those that do not convert well.

    In the example below, you can see that keyword “number 1” converted very well and had $1.45 CPA. This keyword was not included but was shown because I used it in broad match type. At the same time, exact match keyword number 2 had $2.45 CPA. So I can add keyword “number 1” and reduce CPA for “number 2” keyword to get more conversions.

    by Published on 02-20-2014 07:26 PM
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    Social signals for SEO are concepts that are still undergoing a considerable amount of research. Yet, there is evidence they play an important role in helping websites and webpages increase their rankings among top search engines such as Google and Bing. The basics of this concept include the use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. When content is shared, liked or tweeted it sends signals that are detected by web crawlers. This concept is being studied further to understand its significance but it provides a promising outlook on how social signals may become the new “link” to increasing web traffic and rankings for SEO.

    Matt Cutts further explains this concept in a detailed YouTube video titled “Are pages from social media sites ranked differently?” As mentioned, there are components of social signals being further studied to understand their connections with search engines and how they increase rankings, but there are several factors that are making a difference in how social signals are making their impact. It has been said that web crawlers from search engines such as Google may not detect information from social network pages, but may actually detect signals from when a person shares or likes content by clicking the share or like button or similar social button on the page.

    An article, video, or photo on a webpage or blog with social (connect) buttons of this nature may help improve SEO visibility overtime. Some researchers think when content is shared in this nature it shows a level of positive influence that encourages rankings increase of the content within a search engine. Social signals may improve rankings due to the number of shares, followers, and even the number of times your website or brand is mentioned. An experiment was conducted to help researchers learn more about social signals and their impact. Different websites were created with similar content in related niches with one site experiencing a 9.4% increase in Google ranking after receiving just 300 Google + 1 votes.

    Another site experienced a 6.9% increase in ranking when they experienced activity related to their Facebook content including 50 likes and 70 shares. Even an increase was experienced with Twitter when one site saw an increase of almost 3 percent when they received 50 tweets. In short, having a blog or website with keyword driven content may not be enough alone unless you have some sort of connection with social media. Your content should allow for social signals to be created helping your content increase in rankings.

    The idea is to create more engaging content (such as how to, lists, asking questions and voting) for social users that may help increase site rankings, visitors, page views and even profits if you sell products and services. There are some platforms that may be more effective than others with many SEO experts such as SEO Bristol company suggesting Google + as one you should consider for increased ranking potential. In 2011, when changes were made to Google Panda this affected roughly 12 percent of websites; meaning their backlinks were de-indexed which lowered their search ranking. Backlinks have been known to be connected to poor quality content. Many sites have reduced their use of backlinks since more people are using social media to connect their content instead.

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