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    Web Hosting
    Let's start with something that sounds simple, but apparently is too complex for many companies to get right. The more difficult you make your web site to use, the less people will buy from you.
    A well designed website should aim to prevent nobody from buying - to allow 100% of the people who want to buy to do so. So where do they go wrong?

    • Accessibility
      Making a site accessible is a legal obligation in many countries. Despite that, inaccessible websites are still being created. That can affect your sales, depending on how inaccessible you are, as visitors find the site impossible to use and go elsewhere (and end up recommending one of your competitors to their friends as well). A fairly typical inaccessible site could be losing 5% of potential sales because of this. (A really inaccessible website could even prevent search engines indexing it, giving a far higher amount of potential lost sales.)
    • Browsers
      Many designers only pay attention to Internet Explorer. The justification for this is usually that 99% of the site's users use IE. It never seems to occur to the designers that perhaps the reason they have so few visitors with other browsers is that their site is fundamentally broken - it doesn't work in anything else. Percentages of people not using IE varies from site to site - over 60% of visitors to this site use an alternative browser, for example. The number most often quoted though, is that 80-85% of web users are using IE on Windows, which means that an average site that doesn't work in anything else could easily be losing 15-20% of sales.

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    Testing testing testing, testing is key to increase your conversions. I've had it where I've changed only a few minor details in my offer and it changed the conversion rates dramatically.

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    Conversation rate increases when you have more unique traffic on your website.

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    post your product videos on youtube which is increase your conversion rate quickly.

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    Try and post your Text ads on different websites, this will surely help you generate more conversions.

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    Conversion rate
    optimization is the fine art of converting more visitors on
    website for
    goals, whether that's
    sales or signups, or
    visitor engagement. It involves using web analytics tools to understand
    For example, you need to be able to write headlines that grab the attention of
    visitors, and then write good call-to-actions that will
    inspire them to take action and convert on

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    Conversion rate depends on quality contents and organic traffic. Try to publish unique contents and attract organic traffic to your site. Conversion rate will go high.

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    Conversion rate depends on quality contents and organic traffic. Try to publish unique contents and attract organic traffic to your site. Conversion rate will go high.
    I think smart PPC campaign will bring good conversation too.
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    If you got the organic traffic to drive for you then you can have high conversation rate this is the only way so try to get the organic traffic towards you.

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    you can do guest blogging forums commenting and these social media tools can get you with the huge ranking in search engines.

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