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    Hotel Sri Saravana Bhavan Started in the year 1993 on Feb 3 is a highly renowned restaurant where you and your family can come across every recipe in one spot. We

    provide service for the Past 15 Years with steady support from you.Though it had a reticent beginning, Saravana Bhavan now comprises Saravana Bakeries, Saravanaa's Italian

    Softy Ice Cream Parlour, Shree Saravana Bhavan Classic Restaurant and Many More...So Please visit our site and give your suggestions.

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    My name is Sathiya.I visited the Sri Saravana Bhavan website.It is very useful for peoples those who are looking for a Hygienic vegetarian foods.

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    uhh......very colorful :-) But not bad!

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    very useful website and also very colourful. Please change its colour. thanks

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    Clean site for the most part. It does load a little slow but that could be just too much traffic which is not a bad thing.

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    it looks good, hope its gona bring more business to you.
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    Sri Saravana Bhavan website.It is very useful

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    Sri Saravana Bhavan good site, if it will use some lights colors i think it will look more attractive.

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