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    Default Canon have developed a 120 megapixel sensor

    Hi, Canon have developed a 120 megapixel sensor...
    Some medium format cameras today have sensors with over 40 megapixels, but that's beginning to sound small.

    Canon has just successfully developed the world's first APS-H sized CMOS image sensor with 120 megapixels, which is a record for that size. Compared with Canon's highest-resolution commercial CMOS sensor of the same size, comprising approximately 16.1 million pixels, the newly developed sensor features a pixel count that, at approximately 120 million pixels, is nearly 7.5 times larger and offers a 2.4-fold improvement in resolution. We're talking a staggering 13,280 x 9,184 pixels worth of resolution here.

    The new sensor also includes a Full HD video output capability, and it also enables image confirmation across a wide image area, with Full HD video viewing of a select portion of the overall frame. Canon hasn't mentioned when this sensor will be used in actual cameras, but it can't be too long now.
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    Hmmm that's really so good.I hope image quality will be wonderful.

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    Thanks for this information.I Love Photography.

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