If you have a website and wish to improve your search engine rankings, search engine optimisation is what to be considered, then the question of link building comes up. A text link ad consists of "anchor text" and a "description". Text link adverts are static text links, the anchor text is the keyword or phrase you are promoting and it linked to your site. The description explains what the user will find by following the link.

If build quality text link, your site may appear at the top of the search results when a user searches for that particular keyword. Text link ads UK are great way to boost a site search engine rankings and drive decent traffic to your website.

Why you need Link popularity

Link popularity is a measurement for number of quality links from other websites to your site. Search engines do assess the number of inbound links to a web page and gives more importance to the quality of the link more than the quantity of links.

Among other algorithms, link popularity is one of the influential metrics in which most search engines especially Google use to determine the order in which sites are listed for a particular search query. Inbound links are "good" while too much outbound links are "not good” Search engines will begin to deduct your overall ranking if you have too many outbound links. The key is to get related links from quality relevant sites it builds popularity within the search engines.

Building links should be a constant process and it can be very tedious at times, you need to track down relevant websites and try to get them to link to your site. Getting text link advert is a good way to boost a site up in search result. Text link ads UK focus on placing text link ads on high quality, high traffic web properties.