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    Default Latest Google Algorithm Change and Online Dating Niche

    Hello guys,

    since Google decided to open the gates of it's Zoo and unleashed all sorts of animals: Pandas, Penguins upon our websites,I was wondering how much were your online dating related websites affected?
    From what I've noticed, the most commercial keywords got the hardest hit,as I see a massive dropping in rankings on keywords like "free online dating" or "meet singles online" and not so much on "how to meet new people online" or "find your soulmate". This shouldn't come as a surprise since keywords that produce income are the ones that spammers go after, but was this last algo change a calculated hit or just a blind guess?


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    I am not quite sure your observation about Google's recent update and keywords such as "free online dating" are absolutely correct, the usual suspects are still ranking high for that keywords unless I have missed a trick?

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    I agree with Temi - if you're not spamming why would you get hit?

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    anyone would get hit if he will be a spammer

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