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Internet Marketing (IM), Search Engine Marketing

Online marketing and promotion techniques are vital to any online business offering products or services. Search Engine Marketing is NOT the only marketing solution, it is a much broader area of business activities. Discuss here...

  1. General Marketing and Promotion

    General topics related to online marketing and promotions go here. Please use the specific forum if you have a topic related to those forum topics.
  2. Search Engines and Ad Networks

    Search Engines are a major tool for Internet Marketing and to keep up with the competition businesses need to utilize this resource carefully while not overspending. Ad Networks maybe not as useful today as a decade earlier but niche ad networks still play a role in certain sectors.
  3. Marketing on Social Networks

    Social Networks are brimming with activity on various devices and are really vital for a robust online marketing campaign. Depending on your niche, utilize the paid and unpaid marketing tools and techniques in reaching your audience using general and Niche Social Networks
  4. Email Marketing and Newsletters

    Targeted eMail marketing has never lost its charm. Due to the increased levels of spam and unsolicited emails showing up in people's inbox, eMail marketing has to be handled with care and can generate tremendous results in generating traffic as well as customers.
  5. Affiliate Networks to Sell Products or Services

    Affiliate networks do the legwork in finding niche audience and potential customers as well as recruiting an army of affiliates to promote and market your product or services. Depending on your product or service this can be a vital resource in generating sales and interest.
  6. CPA Marketing - Cost Per Action

    This are is dedicated for discussions related to CPA or Cost Per Action Marketing techniques, issues, recommendations and tools. This area is NOT for