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Site Monetization and Making Money Online

Methods of generating revenue or monetization are always evolving and changing as technology and the internet ecosystem changes. This section is dedicated to issues, ideas, challenges and discussions around Monetization and Revenue Generation.

  1. Freelancer Forum

    This area is dedicated to hardworking freelancers. Freelancers in any type of online or offline work are welcome to post here. Discussions are limited to freelancer issues, general freelancing life, freelancing tips and tricks.
  2. Ad Networks and PPC Monetization

    Ad Networks are one of the most popular ways of site monetization. Discussions related to various Ad Networks or PPC platforms fit under this category.
  3. Direct Monetization

    This section is for discussions involving direct monetization via product or service sales, link sales, ad sales, guest posting, etc. This is NOT a place to buy or sell these items, rather to discuss the pros and cons, challenges and experiences with direct monetization.
  4. Affliate Marketing Programs for Monetization

    Affiliate programs are very popular among small to large sites online. Ranging from big players such as Amazon to niche affiliate programs like theme sales and digital product sales. This space is for discussions related to affiliate marketing. This is NOT a space to advertise your affiliate links or websites.