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    Seo and marketing Tools

    I do Seo and Marketing for my network of site 150+. As I'm expending my business, I decided to make Seo and Marketing for others too. This would be a custom Seo and Marketing for those interested in the coupons / deals market. You can contact me However ( at least for the social part ) this...
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    Link Exchange with Code Coupon Discount

    I'm look for link exchange with for this site PR4 and around 200 visitors / day. The link will appear in the footer ( all pages that means ). Any proposition?
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    My Experience How much does google share from adsense revenues

    and why do they do that. Don't they have to leave somehow ( earn money )? Or could be just to attract sites on their side.
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    Help Me/Question Best Wordpress To Twitter Plugn

    Might be not the best but it does what you want: twitter-tools.
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    Does forum contents or signature help SEO

    They help if the links are do follow. But consider something else: if you have a signature and you help someone he might click your link ( and that is a real visitor on your site - more important then seo for me )
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    Email to BLOG

    Blogger has an option called mail to blog. With this if you send an email to a specific email address it becomes a post on the blog. The subject is the title ... the body is the content. So you know any other blogs that have this option available?
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    Counting post

    For some reason although I've posted some replies my count ( for posts) stayed the same. Any idea why?
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    Which free antivirus can you trust

    I use nod32 but is not free. And I wouldn't have a free antivirus on my comp. Do you have a door without a lock on your home?
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    When is mothers day in your country?

    I would have voted for 8 march - woman's day for Romania. Anyway not sure as every day seems a celebration for something. :D
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    Help Me/Question Clickbank or not?

    I work with all that approve me. The one that make also sales ( at first I don't know how that will be - and also I don't do a research for this ) I take it to the next level.
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    Hi all

    New and just said hello to all. My name is Adrian.