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    My Suggestion Link building in seo

    Obviously backlinks is one of the main factor in determining what article should be on the first page on Search Engine. However, building backlinks could be done in a wrong way. Natural backlinks would be the safest thing to do, this could be done by creating 10x quality content that is useful...
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    News/ Info Android marshmallow

    I hope they will now include command line interface on that OS.
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    Help Me/Question Best SEO link Building Tools ?

    Don't try to build many backlinks using tools, that kind of stuff is not working anymore in 2015 SEO. Google is pretty smart in detecting spam links or unnatural links.
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    My Suggestion Now how long does it take google to update pagerank?

    When you are talking about the metric, Google says that they will not update the PR anymore, maybe in the future they will. And when you talk about the overall site rank it will update every panda release since Panda algorithm checking the quality of the site not every pages of a site.
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    Solved/Closed Where Do You Get Your Image From For Your Online Articles?

    You may also use Google to search images that are free.
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    Help Me/Question I have a question about sitemap

    you don't need to submit your html sitemap. xml sitemap is for search engine while html sitemap is for your visitors only which help them to navigate you posts.
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    Help Me/Question Indexing issues - search engines are not crawling my inner pages

    There are two reasons why Google can't index your site yet, maybe you are blocking them through your robots.txt and meta nofollow tags, and maybe your site is new. Mostly Google can crawl and index a new site from 3-6 weeks..
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    My 2 Cents Social media counts as ranking signal?

    Thanks for your insight sir, upon reading some articles and by watching whiteboard frinday by moz, they say that most people on networking sites is just liking and tweeting article post without visiting and reading it, which is true for me. And maybe this is why Google insist that social media...
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    Do you remove the wordpress link from the footer?

    it's not bad to give credit to wordpress team as long as the link has nofollow tag it won't hurt your site on SEO.
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    My 2 Cents Social media counts as ranking signal?

    I'm doing an experiment on my blog by participating twitter tweets, facebook likes and Google plus one exchange on some page in facebook too see if it could change my Google rankings. Anyone who already did this? Did your see any changes on SERP?
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    Help Me/Question How to increase keyword rank?

    There are two reasons why you are seeing that kind of shift on keyword rankings, maybe your competitors made changes or you made changes on your site, that includes on-page and off-page SEO.
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    Help Me/Question Seo Service

    For me the idea of social bookmarking is only for driving traffic and attracting more audience to our site since most of bookmarking sites are nofollow, that means they are not passing rank juice to our site, so, it does not affect our Google rankings. I preffer not to post on dofollow...