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    Tutorial Rank Your Fresh Website With These Secret Tricks

    Thanks for analyzing website, can you tell me what type of marketing should be done? it is local website for operating tours. I am looking to host with another company as it had poor service. I think some of the ways to promote is Social media and local free advertising sites.
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    Tutorial How To Verify - Attach Card - To Paypal - Explained?

    India only have such policies to defraud money from poor people. Credit is compulsory for anyone in this world and our RBI only forced to link pan card to withdraw money. I am dissatisfied with Indian rules against taxes, they do as they wishes to gain profits.
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    Tutorial All You Need To Know About Payza - Formerly - Alertpay

    Can you mention why they changed from Alert pay to Payza? does it looks lie Paypal alternative? Does they are scammers and do they support? Where does this office registered and who is liable to pay if they fed up with money?
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    My Suggestion 3 Ways How Seo Can Help Your Small Business Grow

    In these days finding a best SEO company is hardest thing as it totally changed.. You know myblogguest has banned for building links through guest posts and few of the other similar sites closed. Currently people are SEO and SMO are both benefits for gaining leads, but what I think is it is...
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    Help Me/Question 404 Error Pages

    @Zirkon Kalti I agree and now understanding that the theme fault and the hacker might inserting files into the folder. This has done few months back and I cleaned everything including the database that was injected by this hacker. I will change it to another theme, to see if the hacker still...
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    Tutorial Rank Your Fresh Website With These Secret Tricks

    The domain is jerusalempilgrimtours dot com a friend of my brother who want to build it as he is a tourist operator from hyderabad. The domain just bought 6 days back and need to write 4 to 6 pages. The keywords might go like this Jerusalem Pilgrim Tours Holy Land Tours Jerusalem Tours Can you...
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    Help Me/Question Hosting At $2 To $4

    I checked them and they have positive reviews, do you know if they provide servers in UK? If you were a reseller do you accept INR as I see you have Indian Flag. Here is one link people are talking about the difference between hawkhost and crocweb's at webhosting Talk. Cheap Reseller Hosting -...
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    Help Me/Question 404 Error Pages

    My blogs were hacked by someone in the past, inserted malware code and presently the sites gone down. While downloading some of the files AVG has blocked and threated to clean those hijacked urls. I am looking to move into another host because of more pages gone into 404 Errrors. The Hacker...
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    Tutorial Rank Your Fresh Website With These Secret Tricks

    Nice post with great images a step by step guidance, but one image I may thin seen it somewhere on internet I have never pinged my articles, but this time I am sure to do. Can you suggest me on travel website how to get ranked on top for few of keywords. The domain is keyword rich domain so it...
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    My Suggestion Do You Know About Voip ?

    This is very old method, in these days we are getting so many services for free where we can get clear conversation. I see Whatsapp, Skype, Wechat that gives voice chat for free through worldwide users. These days are totally different where we can access internet even from villages.
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    Help Me/Question Weird Glow While Printing The Image On White Background

    You should have to use high resolution graphic, I am sure you will do in Photoshop, but how many nos you required for this image? Looks like you are making a Greeting Card for New Year.
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    My Suggestion Now how long does it take google to update pagerank?

    Sure, Still People thinking PR is the factor to help ranking in SERP Its tough to get Strong backlinks as most of the forums gone into nofollow links, so it's hard to build links except Guest posting. Only few are considering PA, DA, Alexa etc, but still people are relying Pagerank algorithm.
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    Solved/Closed Please Review My Website..

    It is totally an ad for promoting site to get traffic. I just checked the website that's has privacy protection to view whois info. @Vinaya You can post the links in forums by contributing in other forums. This person just came to spam the forums, Newbies looks different and the OP s an...
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    Help Me/Question Blog Content Vs Email Content?

    News Letter is just as News from Paper, TV, ADS etc. and the message should be trending at that time. A blog post can be viewed at any time by a reader, so I preferred to you blog post is better than News letter. However NEwsletters can bring traffic when the news is released on the day.. It...
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    Help Me/Question Best Free Shopping Cart

    I'll go with Prestashop as they had good themes and my store had 200 items only. It won't get more than 1000 hits per day even in future. At the begining of site I used Drupal with Uberacart and their support, upgrade is nothing, later started to use Zen cart, but here the support is too worse,