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    Happy Holiday Season!

    Happy Holiday Season!
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    Solved/Closed Does Anyone Notice The Forum Going Offline Intermittently?

    Right clicking, isn't giving me my usual options, while typing in the post a reply or make a post box... like correcting an error or selecting a word for google search, it is giving the option to unlink or link a word and table skin? I want to know if it's just my browser and I am facing a...
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    My Suggestion The Importance Of Logo

    I like drawing logos, but I suck with using picture creating softwares i.e. the likes of Photoshop but surprisingly I find it easier to navigate a video editing software. I created a logo for my website, but I don't think it is actually very good and most of the companies that I have come across...
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    My Suggestion Do You Know About Voip ?

    I have subscribed to a VOIP in the past, and I had found it very useful for me, making calls through the internet and you can set it to when you receive a call, it shows your name or actual phone number, so whoever you call recognizes it is you and they are mostly cheaper than actual phone calls...
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    Hi Solmak, will we be going back to .com? Merry Christmas, hope your day is very lovely, merry...

    Hi Solmak, will we be going back to .com? Merry Christmas, hope your day is very lovely, merry and cheerful.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Help Me/Question Blog Content Vs Email Content?

    A newsletter is informative to people, you can put in prominent contents on your blog so readers can access it, when they receive the newsletter, and newsletters can also stand as advertisement and reminders for your blog, so both can go hand in hand.
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    Help Me/Question Which social networking site is best for business?

    I don't brave being line on Facebook to chat with people, I put it off, Facebook is like a news centre to me, I got there to read bizzare stories, keep up with the pages I have liked and play games, Facebook has become a lot business oriented.
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    My Suggestion 5 Must-read Leadership Books For Your Business

    I will also join you in rereading the book, I have eBooks of many inspirational and motivational books, my ckusin got for me, I'll check the name later today and share then with you all in the evening or night my time. Sent from my GT-S7582 using Tapatalk
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    Help Me/Question How to increase google plus followers and increase traffic

    Its not that great of a social media platform, many google users don't use it, and why we all have an account is because 1 for all, one acckutt connects us majority of Google produce. It still has a long way to go before people start recognising and using it yo its full advantages. Sent from my...
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    My Suggestion Retweets can easily enhance your popularity

    In away somewhat, both social medias are gaints but twitter allows people interact with celebrities and brands better than Facebook, in the sense that most celebrities run their twitter account themselves and intercar more with their fans than through their Facebook page.
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    Tutorial How To Get More Facebook Likes

    In some cases, I won't like a page if I see the following is small, I have to check and make sure the site is genuine, if a page has many likes and I scroll through it once and see the content then I'm more keen to like the page, if it belongs to an enterprise I don't know about.
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    I see someone visited my blog *covers face*

    I see someone visited my blog *covers face*
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    My 2 Cents 3 Reasons Why Youtube Is A Great Source For Marketing

    I am one of the millions of viewers that use YouTube daily, I like scrolling through my subscription list and checking for new content to watch daily, which means I am one of the many users that help YouTube marketing, Google has also integrated YouTube in a way that, when I like, add to a...