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    Help Me/Question What Is Site Map And Robots.txt?

    What is Site Map ? and Why we use Robots.txt File ?
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    Help Me/Question Should My Company Host Its Own Web Site?

    Should my company host its own web site?
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    My 2 Cents Rotate an image using php code

    There is a function within PHP called imagerotate that will do this for you. So if for instance you want to rotate an image by 90 degrees, you can use: <?php $move90 = imagerotate($myimage,90); ?>
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    which is the fastest browser???

    Which broswer u used ????? and which one is the fastest???
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    Help Me/Question Why Should I Outsource My Seo

    Why should I outsource my SEO? Can't I just use WordPress plus plugins for SEO?
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    HTML question

    Which of the subsequent to way is supported by a) Ralative b) Defererenced c) Absolute and Relative
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    Help Me/Question What are the predefined classes in php

    List out the predefined classes in PHP?