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    Help Me/Question What kind of seo techniques are there?

    SEO is good for the business as the Bill Gates said if your business is not on Internet then your business is out of business.
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    Help Me/Question How you can complete seo for yahoo?

    Create some quality backlinks and if you have good website than it will get rank
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    Benefits of the forum post :-

    Thanks for providing these information, yup forum posting is good for backlinks and seo
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    Help Me/Question Press release submission

    In the press release we provide information regarding our company or products on various press submission sites, it is good from seo point of view
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    My 2 Cents Tips to increase pagerank

    social media is getting bigger day by day you can use it for better ranking and traffic.
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    Is directory submission dead?

    directories do not pass much link juice however you can still do high page rank directories.
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    What is the estimated time to rank a 10 keywords website ?

    it depends on content, website ranking, competition, link quality etc. nobody can give you exact time.
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    Help Me/Question Moz rank

    Moz rank describe how important a page or doman is.
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    Who to find right keyword for my business site?

    there is a tool call "Keyword Planner" you can use for the keyword research, however if you are not aware of seo than learn it or give the project to any professional.
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    you can add many keywords as per your requirement and target traffic, just optimize it in the content but it has to look natural.
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    My 2 Cents List of blogs that allows guest posting

    thanks for sharing useful list of sites for the guest posting.
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    Why are high rankings so important?

    as per the survey around 63% of traffic do not go beyond of top 3 result.
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    What is your operating system?

    currently i am using windows 7 but my favorte is XP, its simple and this is the best quality about it.
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    I just want to share my experience feel free to read

    no i haven't heard about it earlier but i will check it later.
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    Google Tools

    your question is not clear, however google have provided two most helpful tool are Analytics and Webmaster.