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    YouTube rents movies online

    The five movies from YouTube will be available for their users to "rent", as I understood.
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    YouTube rents movies online

    YouTube is making the first steps in the renting movies online business, by launching on January 22 a service that will initially make available five films. YouTube will initially provide for rental only five films, which participated in 2009 and 2010 at the Sundance festival. In the first...
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    Journalists test the information from Twitter and Facebook

    Five French radio journalists will be isolated in a farm from France, from where they will examine news, having access only to Twitter and Facebook, in order to test the value of the information from these platforms. Isolated in the period 1-5 February at a farm in Périgord (southwestern...
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    Help Me/Question Css Howto: Put An Image Exactly In The Center Of The Page

    I got this problem a couple of days ago, and I want to share the answer with you. I wanted to have a page with an image on it, and I wanted the image to be exactly in the center/middle of the page, no matter the screen resolution. First, here is how you do it for a image with size 600px/600px...
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    Puppy Tweets - or twitter for man's best friend

    The toy maker Mattel announced that it's on its way to launch a new product called "Puppy Tweets", that will connect dogs to their own Twitter account. Puppy Tweets is a plastic tag that has sound and motion sensor, and once attached to a dog collar and connected to a USB receiver, it will send...
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    Google remains the leader of global searches made

    Google remains the leader in the global search market, according to a study made by comScore. Over 131 billion searches were made in last year's December, representing a 46% increase comparing to 2008. This means over 4 billion searches/day, or 29 million searches/minute. The Google sites were...
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    Google search results are not influenced by W3C Validation

    Matt Cutts, Google engineer, officially said that Google doesn't care about the W3C Validation for their SERP. Thus, another SEO myth disappeared. He tried to explain that a valid code is welcomed, where possible, because bots (crawlers) will "digest" the information easier, but the end result...
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    HTML color codes

    Many times it happened to me that I needed a HTML color code, and of course I didn't have it all in my head. Of course, I knew the basic colors such as white #FFFFFF, #000000 black, #FF0000 red, #008000 Green, and so on, but I did not memorize all the HTML color table. Therefore, I will...
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    Submit your site to social bookmarking sites

    I have found a nice free websites that helps you submit your site or article to many social bookmarking sites. The site is called SocialMarker, and includes social bookmarking sites such as: Propeller Slashdot Digg Technorati Delicious Reddit Tagza Fark Newsvine swik You can select to submit...
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    Bill gates starts socializing

    After he opened an account on Twitter, the Microsoft founder announced that he also launched a blog. Bill Gates explained that he has more free time and is interested to learn new things. "Since I don't work at Microsoft anymore, many people have asked me what am I working on. Many times, I...