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    Help Me/Question Digital download script

    I'm looking for a digital download script where members can upload scripts, images and so on and visitors can download. I find many digital download script, but they are based on payment before downloading. I want a script where everyone can download for free and members can upload different...
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    Photo tube

    I'm looking for an image gallery script. I know there are many "Gallery scripts" out there, but I need a similar script like a video tube site, only with images. I want members to upload, rate and add albums, images and so on. The only thing I find are "plain" photo galleries without any...
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    How to run a directory?

    Thanks temi. I'm getting around 100 articles and link submitted to my site each day. It's not always easy to see what's spam and what's not (takes much time :-) )
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    Neutral Godaddy - Slow Website?

    Hi all I'm running several websites and just started a new site and hosted it at godaddy (not done that before :biggrin:) I think that the site I host with godaddy load much slower than my other sites. Is it me or does anyone else have that problem?
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    Hi all - Nice to be here

    Hi Just want to say "hi all" and I'm looking forward to learn a thing or two
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    How to run a directory?

    Some questions regarding directory: * What is the best script? * How often do you accept/reject entries (every day)? * Accept all or remove what you think is spam (more or less articles/links)? * Many or few categories? * Paid or free submissions? Anyone?