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    What is the Disadvantage of Tamplate based website

    Hi,Please tell me what is advantage and disadvantage of template based website.
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    what are else?

    HTML 5 is revision of the HTML HTML 4. Some new tags are included hare to structure the Data. Like <header>,<footer>,<nav>,<article>,<section>,<aside >,<audio>,<video> As mentioned Miss chitra.
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    what is is Structured data Markup. you can go directly in schema website and study about this.
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    Radio Advertising...

    Yes, Radio advertising is very beneficial. We are website designing company in Delhi advertising with Radio are getting leads. This is very beneficial help in branding of any organization.
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    Help Me/Question What Does Managing A Web Store Include?

    You have to purchase domain and then design Quality website. you can software in which you would like to design your website. You can use following software. 1. Core PHP 2. Magneto. 3. Open Cart I will Suggest choose Memento then you have to upload your product and services in website. But the...
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    My Suggestion Having A Good Business Idea

    Thanks for Valuable information information. and sharing your ideas about business.
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    Neutral What Is Difference Between The Static And Dynamic Website

    Hi, I want to create website for my company but I am little confuse that should I design my website dynamic or static.
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    Effect of Changing Meta Tags on website Ranking.

    I want to change my meta tags my meta tags is not god. But i am getting good rank by the keyword website designing delhi on google. I am little fairing that if I would change meta tags i will lost ranking. Should I change my meta tags or not.? _________________________________ Website...
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    How to change menu

    Hi Lucakunze, You have to send me menu file in following website so I can check What exactly problem with website menu navigation. ____________________________________________________ We are Website designing company in Delhi
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    Neutral Website design Compare

    I have create two layout for my company Witch layout is looking good.
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    Help Me/Question What should be the length of meta description

    Hi I am going to add meta description on my website. I forgot what is the search engine parameter for Meta Description, What Should be the length of Meta Description.
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    Help Me/Question How Can I Collect Email Data For Email Marketing?

    Email Marketing is very effective for any business advertisement but how I collect email data for email marketing. I tried to collect email form website one by one but it is not effective. is there any website form where i can collect data?
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    Forum Posting website

    I recently created forum posting website. I am looking for new post. I want to increase traffic. How is this Possible? Please give some tactics to increase traffic on my forum website. my forum website link is given below.
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    Tutorial How to add bullets in adobe illustrator

    Hi I am using illustrator CS6. There is no bullet option I can se in type Menu bar Please tell me how to add bullets in Paragraph.
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    Solved/Closed Review My Website

    Please review my website. I fill my website is good but i want to know what the other people think about my website Design. Please review my website...