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    Help Me/Question Any Info On And - Their Server Stability?

    Since I started with web host, I also haven't had any problems with my site being down or anything like that. I am also extremely happy with the site builder and the control panel. It makes it so easy to build a website that even someone like me, who has no web experience...
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    Help Me/Question Web hositng from a right porvider

    I'm extremely happy with vps switzerland and will continue to have them host our site. There has been no server downtime, no problem with uploads, no other issues in any way.
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    Help Me/Question What vps hosting provider is better? Why?

    Our site has been up for approx 6 months now. After I signed up and registered my site and domain with, there was immediately a billing issue for the domain name. As this was the first time I had ever approached a web hosting site, and had not gone with a recommended site from a...
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    Help Me/Question VPS in Europe ... which one is the best?

    I've been using for more than a year and they are excellent. I've never had a problem with them. I am very happy with their support and i do recommend them for anyone who looks for the best web hosting provider.