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    My Experience Yahoo Mail Users Still Unhappy With The Updated Service

    I don't have a Yahoo account but thanks for sharing. Yahoo need to take the feedback seriously and take action. Or do you think people will just carry on. Like when facebook make changes, lots of members complain for a couple of weeks and then its back to normal :)
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    Aaaand here I am!

    Wasn't online much but back to full swing again. You should see me around more :) Hope you have been well
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    Aaaand here I am!

    Welcome to Webmaster Serve SunDas :) Plenty of useful info here
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    Help Me/Question When do you insert adsense ads into your web pages?

    As soon as you have some content and a little traffic flowing.
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    My Experience Google adsense placement on word press blog

    Added a little more detail to the above post. If you have found other ad placement techniques successful, please share with the rest :)
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    My Experience Google adsense placement on word press blog

    Hi I have been carrying out tests with Google Adsense placement on my Blog (Wordpress powered) recently and thought the information may come in handy. The results have been good so far. Results obviously depend on the number of traffic you receive to your site. 1) Placed a large image banner...
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    Gumtree for getting traffic from UK

    Hi It's free. Worth giving it a go. Let us know how it works out for you. :)
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    Twitter or Facebook ???

    I would say both can drive traffic so best you setup on both
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    Hello !

    Hi Welcome to Webmaster Serve Enjoy your stay
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    People saw UFO in London?

    Do you believe there are UFO's? or is it just something which has ben made up.
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    How did you find Webmaster Serve?

    Oh yeh. I owned an IT forum so merged into Webmaster serve. :)
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    Hi everyone - no new member thread?

    Welcome to the forum :) Your services may come in use to me
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    How did you find Webmaster Serve?

    Voted - other I was a moderator at a forum which Temi owned. I got to know about this forum by Temi in 2007 :)
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    What do you do to Relax?

    Take a holiday, watch TV or go for a drive towards the country side.
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    High Street Retail sale down by 1%

    The high street are going to struggle due to online shopping being more convenient and no worries about finding a parking place.