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    Introduction I am a new member

    Hi there, Welcome you to the forum, buddy :)
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    do u play a guitar?

    No, I don't play but I like it, I play piano :D:D
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    Help Me/Question Domain registrar

    Me too, i'm always find coupon when buying new domain, it save me a lot of money :)
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    Neutral What Is Difference Between The Static And Dynamic Website

    The main points here are the interactions of your audience, if you site is just showing the information, content and you don't want user to interact, just choose static, otherwise, you should choose dynamic :)
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    Neutral Bluehost vs hostgator?

    both of them are bad now, many people are going to leave them. I''m one of them, don't use both for a long time :)
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    Neutral Is hostgator is best

    It depend on your experience when using, there are many hosting providers out there also very good like dreamhost, bluehost, ipage, hostcow, justhost, ixwebhosting....So you should read customers reviews carefully when decide to buy one.
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    What do you do to Relax?

    just playing PC online game for relax.
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    Internet downloading extremely slow...

    I usually check speed at, if it suddenly slow down your line, may be you should restart your modem or scan for virus
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    What is your most useful programming related website?

    I'm using java so is the place I usually visit.
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    My Experience Hostgator coupon code $0.01 for first month!

    I also think so, PM me if you want some Hostgator coupon codes for 2013
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    Neutral Bluehost vs hostgator?

    I have some HostGator coupon codes 2013, PM me if you want, I cannot public here.
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    Help Me/Question Looking for discounts

    hi there, I have some HostGator Coupon Codes for 2013, PM me if you have a plan to buy hosting at HostGator.
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    Top 4 E-Commerce Plugins for Wordpress

    I'm also use this on my website, really good.
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    hi, webmasters

    I there, I'm also new here, hope to learn many interesting things here.