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    Manipulation of deceptive behavior violates Google guidelines

    oh man, I didn't even know this was a thing. But that's a genius idea - hijack the back/history with javascript and then redirect to a googl-esque page.
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    Need some good tools to manage my adwords accounts

    As Davidbliggs said Wordstream is really good, but i'd add you need to be managing at least 40 different campaigns to see the value in this product. If you're doing less than you may want to stick with manual management or use Google's MPC panel (if you are applicable to get access).
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    The good and bad news on Bing

    No I highly doubt Google will become like Altavista, they're too big to fail as the verbage goes. They'll keep innovating, as that's their secret weapon.
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    Google worth at $304 billions

    Apparently I should be buying their stocks - but at $100/option I don't think I can afford it at its peak.
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    Matt Cutts: Google will show unnatural links examples

    That's interesting - I bet we're going to find that theirs a pattern to what they're tracking as unnatural links. It'll likely be that vanilla directories (phpLD directories are basically dead at this point).
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    My 2 Cents Free web hosting

    Well that means you'll be hosting your own site. You'll need a good firewall, or at least some basic protection to prevent bad users.
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    Help Me/Question Which is the best php editor ?

    I prefer regular old notepad, but notepad++ is great for colour formatting and syntax highlighting
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    I've made a website, now what?

    It's a tough niche! Promote it wherever you can. Tell your friends and family about it.Place a link in your email signature so that every email you send has a link to it. Get your friends to share it on their social media pages to their friends and family.If you have money, buy ads to promote it!
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    Tutorial 15 ways to increase facebook likes

    So hard to get people to like your page. My competitors buy 1000s upon 1000s of likes. Pretty crazy!