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    Help Me/Question A question about reseller

    there are many webhosts who are offering reseller services just search for your desired webhost in google because if you ask me i will recommend you hostgator but i don't know that qualities you are searching that they offer or not.
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    What do you do to Relax?

    when i am free i want to watch tv , and talking to my friends on internet.
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    which digital camrea will suite me to buy

    i think Nikon is best ,i have Nikon D800.
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    Just Gossip Without Google

    without Google ..........there must be any search engine available for internet users and i will be using that one but i am sure it will never happen , it is impossible................. Google is best and no one is going to win from Google.
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    Common SEO Mistakes

    wow great information about on page seo mistakes , yes i think website loading time should be very quick because those sites take time to load it put very bad impression on the site visitors.
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    An alternative for Skype

    i also like using skype .but i am sure it will be also providing good services like you have mentioned few of them.
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    Help Me/Question Page Rank Formula?

    well i don't know the formula of page rank ,good quality content it should be original and unique also ,quality links and good reputation in Google.......
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    Using Classified Ads Site For Marketing

    i think Classified ads are very useful technique to get back links,and it helps in getting traffic.
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    My Experience Is Google Down For Anyone Else?

    no,i think your pc have some issues ...
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    Help Me/Question Increase Back Links For

    it take little time in start to make Google links ,my one site in start took really a lot time to get just 1 Google link and finally i got ,just do little seo for your site and wait ,have patience it take little time,try to find links from your related niche like you have mentioned your site is...
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    SEO services in increasing site traffic

    yes i think these services are great anyone can do these things by following your tips ,i think for link making you should keep these things in mind related niche ,dofollow,pr pages
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    Help Me/Question What Is Link Circle?

    link wheel and link circle is one of the most powerful and most advanced methods for achieving a higher ranking.Yes link circle means that the back links which are made in cirlce.. Like on website is linking to next one and next one is linking to next one... and then last back link will link to...
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    My 2 Cents What Is Micro Blogging?

    I think Micro blogging is instant messaging and blogging that allows users to create a short message that is posted on their profile like twitter.....
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    My 2 Cents Choosing a php web host

    i think the best language is PHP and i am going to get a PHP web host soon.
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    Help Me/Question Hosting or internet connection problem?

    i think that your web host got some should try to contact them and ask about all these problems.......