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    Help Me/Question Including Domain/brand As Keyword In Meta Title?

    No, Its not necessary. Nothing is. It just makes your title look better. Search Engine rankings usually depend on the keywords which the users search for and if the user is searching for your Brand/Domain Name, it helps. IMHO, you should use your main title keyword followed by brand name in the...
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    Help Me/Question Black Hat Seo Vs. Grey Hat Seo Vs. White Hat Seo?

    Don't be confused about these colors. White, Gray or Black, these all are colors of the Hat determined how purely you use your tactics to get your site ranked or how purely you adhere to Search Engine's terms and conditions. White Hat SEO is following Search Engine's guidelines with 100%...
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    Help Me/Question Hosting At $2 To $4

    I don't think they have servers in UK. As far as I know they have their datacenters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Actually I didn't purchase CrocWeb's hosting for reselling purpose, but I do accept INR. :D
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    Neutral What Is Difference Between The Static And Dynamic Website

    Dynamic sites are the sites is rendered according to the users' behavior on the website. Static websites stay as it is regardless of how user behaves on the website. In a dynamic website, user indirectly interacts with Database server whereas on a Static website database is usually not required...
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    Help Me/Question Weird Glow While Printing The Image On White Background

    Thanks @Solmak, now I know the reason behind it. I found the speckles after zooming in - I think they are jpg artefacts in the white, it's been saved as a really poor quality level, probably below 50 and I can't find a good quality version online. I've attached the zoomed in picture as well...
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    Hiring with Pay Android/ios/windows Phone Or Phonegap Developer

    I'll share the details with selected individuals only via PM or Skype.
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    Help Me/Question Weird Glow While Printing The Image On White Background

    Hi guys, I'm making design for a offline printing and took this image from the internet: However, the image is showing on my PC screen having a barely visible weird glow (instead of white on my real white background). And when I print this image on a white background it prints some little...
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    Hiring with Pay Android/ios/windows Phone Or Phonegap Developer

    Hi folks, I'm looking for someone who is proficient in mobile app development. I want an application to be developed and it is not a game. Please reply back with examples of previous work or portfolio. Include Skype/Gtalk if possible. Thanks!
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    My Suggestion That's Why I Hate Ptc Sites!

    Actually, good GPT/PTC sites aren't that bad. Myabe I'm mixing GPT with PTC way too much, but there's positive side to GPT sides. Newbies find it easier to earn through those websites as it doesn't need expertise on any particular technology. I earned my first dollar online through a GPT website...
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    Help Me/Question Online Banking?

    Won't that be very costly?? Flying to USA from Nigeria would cost thousands of dollars with money to be paid for Visa added to that. Doesn't seem to be a good idea, that. Certainly not the easiest one, maybe the costliest one. :D
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    Help Me/Question How To Get A Verified Paypal ?

    While you can use a VCC to get a verified Paypal(you can easily get a VCC), it is mighty risky to do so. Paypal will usually limit your account if they sense anything suspicious and you'll have to verify all your details including the Credit Card and for the time your funds will just sit in the...
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    Help Me/Question How To Decide The Best Seo Company For Your Tasks

    You can't tell beforehand how SEO company is going to handle your website, but what you can do is look at their experience, their past projects, their testimonials etc. Always be sure to take quotes from multiple service providers and what they are going to do to get things done. Analyze and...
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    My Suggestion Few More Basics Of A Good Web Hosting

    My experience with Godaddy has been terrible. I've hosted my websites with Godaddy and their loading times were the slowest I have seen for my sites. I even experienced few minutes downtime as well and their support was clueless. Then I switched to DigitalOcean, installed everything on my own...
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    News/ Info Usb type c-port

    From what I've read about USB type C cable, it can transfer at speeds up to 10Gbps. What the major difference is that it can deliver power up to 100W which can even charge a laptop. Not only that, USB type C is bidirectional unlike regular USB ports and it is highly portable. I don't see a...
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    Help Me/Question Online Banking?

    A Virtual Bank account may help you. Payoneer should work fine. Have you experienced any problems with it? There are alternatives as well, have you checked VirtualBank and PNCVirtualWallet?