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    My 2 Cents What ftp do you use?

    There are lots of ftp's but m using Filezilla, its good. Regards, Raicol
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    Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

    Ya, social bookmarking is the great source of bringing huge traffic. Mainly Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Orkut, Myspace, all these gives the big traffic towards the website. Regrads, Raicol
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    Why is secure hosting important?

    Secure hosting is very important in terms of everything, its important for virus attack , if your hosting is secure then you will not face any problem and your website will be working good, you will get lots of traffic towards your website.If you required a secure hosting then just go through...
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    Help Me/Question How do i add a post on my wordpress site?

    open your website cpanel ( by login on it so, you will find a option of "add new" there so you will have to click on that and submit the post . Regards, Raicol
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    Neutral Planetonline Hosting Review

    Hi All, One of my friend told me about just 2 months before, then i decided to approach this company.In starting i was afraid but now m satisfied , seriously they are good and reliable and their prices are affordable.If someone need for hosting then i personally suggest them to...
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    Choose the Right Domain Name to Improve Your Site Visibility

    Domain name is very important for the websites, it should be searched before you setup a website. It should be different and unique and it should be relevant to your website services.Just go for if you want to register a domain at cheap and affordable prices. Regards, Raicol
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    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Hosting is internet based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information those are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, means its a type of internet hosting where the client leases virtualized, dynamically scalable infrastructure on their needed basis...
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    Pay attention to your domain extension

    Ya , m agree with you, It is very important to pay attention towards your domain extension, because the most competitive domains are not available always.Whenever you want to buy a domain you should keep your competitor in your mind. Regards, Raicol
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    web hosting

    For this you need a hosting provider which will provide you the server space for your website.You can check it out for Yahoo web hosting. Regards, Raicol