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    How to get page rank

    Instead of PR, check out your 'authority' on OSE. This gives a better indication of whether the search engines see your site in a positive or negative light. The days of PR as a measurement tool are dead. For example; Webmasterserve has; Domain Authority - 59 Linking Domains - 716 Total Links...
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    My 2 Cents Guide to building your own uk web hosting company

    Abbash, I sent you an email on these questions, as you requested via PM. Hope this helps you. Tom
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    Dating Sites - "How To Start Out" Guide

    With there being a number of popular dating sites out there including sites with huge advertising campaigns (e.g. the question is, how do you get into the market when it's already so saturated? The first and most obvious answer is to provide a free service. While many dating sites...
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    WMS Football (Soccer) Official Discussion Thread

    Man U will definitely prefer Barca I would say :) Thinking Man U will win Champions League and Premiership.
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    WMS Football (Soccer) Official Discussion Thread

    United through comprehensively last night. Chelsea or Barca tonight?
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    PC and Console Reviews

    Added 19/04/09 Locoroco (PSP) and World of Goo (PC) reviews
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    Locoroco review (PSP)

    Locoroco is one of those games that I'd heard a lot about but it looked a bit childish for my liking. I decided to play it on my girlfriend's PSP one evening for a bit of fun and I have to say, it definitely surprised me! The aim of locoroco is basically to get all your (I'm really not...
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    World Of Goo Review (PC)

    One of the more bizarre games that I have come across in recent times, World of Goo is a strategy based game in which you have to build a 'tower' of goo to reach the destination. The tower has is impacted by a number of things, including gravity which makes it harder than simply building...
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    How to start a forum tutorial

    Thought I'd make a thread about how to start up a forum. I've done so and sold it quite recently so I hopefully can answer a few questions regarding this. I will be making some more forum tutorial threads soon. For me, the first step in creating a forum has to be buying the right domain...
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    What would Google taking over Twitter mean for us?

    Rumours are rife that a Google takeover of Twitter is imminent, so, what are your views on this? Do you think that Twitter will drastically change? Will Google incorporate any of their usual systems into Twitter such as having to use a GMail account to access it? And most importantly, do you...
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    Hello Everyone.........

    Welcome to the site Stella. Hope you can put your valuable input into some threads here :)
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    The Webmaster Serve FREE Directory Listings : Updated 17/04/2009

    Added 18/04/09
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    StumbleUpon improve discovery process

    StumbleUpon have improved their delivery process today. While those without the toolbar installed will not see much change, those with the toolbar will find a number of things are now different. As well as the changing some of the options, including the adult content option to "safe for work?"...
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    Pirate Bay Founders Jailed

    Definitely. Who knows if it'll have an impact on people's mindsets when it comes to opening such sites.
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    Citigroup announce profit - what does this mean for the UK?

    The Citigroup bank in the US is the latest bank on the other side of the Atlantic to post a profit after 2 years of poor results. They posted a profit of £1.1 billion in the first quarter of this year compared to losses of around £4 billion in the same time last year. So, does this mean the UK...