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    Help Me/Question Help Choose A Name For My New Shopping Cart

    Hey Temi, my vote goes to Platypus Shopping Basket.
  2. S have you heard of it?

    It is about sharing everything you love, from tattoos to beauty tips to your favorite nail paint, you can pin it on pinterest.
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    Hi I also suggest the same. Its good. You can select from the available fonts and moreover you can also go for the Typetester Tee..;);)
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    What graphics software do you recommend?

    Best is photoshop. Others could be paint shop pro and fireworks.
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    W3schools is the best for a fresher to start with HTML and CSS.
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    My 2 Cents Mobile Phone Friendly Directory

    Hey Temi, nice and unique concept. Never thought of a mobile friendly web directory. Now webmasters can do their job from their handsets also..:):)