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    News/ Info Olympics Not Necessarily Good For London Businesses?

    I think this is the result of worldwide economical disaster. Most of the countries in Europe was victim of that crisis, along with England. So i think the effect of that has come to Olympic as well. its really a sad thing.
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    How many types of HTML are present and which one the latest and the best? can anyone tell me what are the features of those different languages?
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    How's the latest Dark Knight rises?

    yes the both previous movies were awesome. I have seen batman begin 3-4 time and dark knight 4 time now waiting for the last epic one.
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    How to do SEO marketing of my site?

    Till now i have been working on forum posting for my website SEO, but now i think i will follow Marc's tips. thanks
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    Neutral Need your feedback.

    nice website, but i think the website is a bit slow it take much time to load.
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    Neutral Review my site

    Well that was really a cool site. I really appreciate your work.
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    Help Me/Question 2checkout - Any Experience?

    NO, I think paypal is the best and if you want instant money than you should try Master CARD.
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    My 2 Cents Free web hosting

    thanks for the discussion. I found it really helpful. because i need to build my website.
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    Help Me/Question Please help me choose between php/ruby/etc

    But PHP is complicated as long as i know. HTML may be useful for you.
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    What Code Editor Do You Use?

    ya, Dreamweaver is really cool. I have used it and i know its really easy to use.
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    Redirecting from www cname not working. What should i do?

    Hi Webmaster experts, I have installed apache on my windows machine and trying to do a redirect from my site url to We are trying to do this for mobile devices and want to read the type of device accessing it. However this keeps failing and we are not sure how to debug this. I...
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    Help Me/Question Convert list of integer objects to primitive int array- i am having problem.

    I will be glad if any one please help me to solve this as i am a student at beginner level.
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    Help Me/Question Convert list of integer objects to primitive int array- i am having problem.

    Hi Experts, I have started learning java recently and looking into some practice exercise. Just wante to know if there is a easy way, to convert a List of java.lang.Integer objects to array of primitive int type (not integer). Something like List<Integer> to int []? Or I need to loop through...
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    How to create a website on my own

    You may ask what is Dreamweaver, its a software which will help you to build your website without knowing any coding.
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    How to create a website on my own

    I think if you have programming knowledge then you should try it. But if you not have it you should try Dreamweaver.