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    My 2 Cents Free web hosting

    Everybody here is more inclined to pay for web hosting, but i think you should do what Rethadr did and just check it out. You might be surprised.
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    Help Me/Question Value Of Forum's Signature In Seo Field

    Nothing is written in stone when it comes to signatures. Some forums allow you to post a signature only after 100 or 200 posts to avoid spammers. This is a very good rule.
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    What is the best way to add free Twitter followers?

    That's the most natural way of doing it. Amongst them have to be at lest some who are interested in your brand.
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    SEO is NOT a waste of money, how do you go about it?

    What do you mean Selva? The topic is if you should hire somebody or not to do it. I think it depends on the workload. If you have one, maybe two websites, or even a blog you can handle it.
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    Do you shop online?

    the no 2 on my list are consumer electronics
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    Do you shop online?

    food is no1 that i shop for online. when i dont have the time to cook i just order something by my favourite restaurant
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    Content writers, do you use them?

    no i dont use them, i write articles myself
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    SEO is NOT a waste of money, how do you go about it?

    if you have a little knowledge about programming you can do it yourself if not hire somebody
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    What is the most lucrative niche in your experience?

    my opinion is that the most profitable niche out there is advertising and bank
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    What makes a good website?

    a good website is a website that offers valuable content to the user.
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    How much traffic do you get from Google, Bing and Yahoo?

    in my opinion the most traffic in the www comes from Google bcause everybody knows about it. than YAHOO and BING. personaly i like Google the most
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    Does adding the logo of a newspaper on your site increase your sale?

    it can increase conversion because many people can be influenced by it. they associate the logo whit quality although it has nothing to do with it
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    Will you commit sucide because your work was critisised?

    you must to able to accept criticism it is no reason to commit such thing
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    Just Gossip Favorite Magazine

    i like cooking magazines, lifestyle, and hobby magazines
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    Neutral Review my site

    good looking site, i would not change anything