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    Forum signature and profile

    Thanks for your comment Evgeniy. seojesica, Forum signature link is only valuable if it's dofollow. Otherwise it is valuable for branding. You can participate in forum discussions more often and you can create a community and they will know where you work and what's your website so it will...
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    keyword ranking issue

    Which search engine you are using? Is it Google, Bing or Yahoo? Moreover, you didn't include which webmaster tool you are using.. is it bing or Google webmaster tool? Evgeniy is absolutely right. If you are using and your keyword ranks in 100 position it doesn't mean that it...
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    Help Me/Question Dedicated hosting vs shared hosting

    First, fix your mind. Do you want dedicated server or shared server? Because there are huge price difference between dedicated and shared server. You can check for cloud,dedicated and VPS servers. But there are also big VPS/cloud providers like amazon and rackspace. Check among...
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    Help Me/Question Looking for discounts

    I don't know about discount hosting but is offering $15 free trial credit. You might check that free trial. They are basically well known Cloud and VPS provider. So, when your websites got bigger then you might find their service helpful. Here is their free trial link...
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    Neutral Possible Review On

    According to network tools: IP address: Host name: Alias: is from United States(US) in region North America
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    Help Me/Question Were you ever late when the time came to renew your hosting?

    Yes, it happened to me also. I have vcc verified paypal. As, I am not a good online earner so most of the time my paypal amounts are $1-$10. So, I have to buy credit from someone and then I pay the bills. This is going from 2009.
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    Neutral Bluehost vs hostgator?

    Hostgator is very good but they have complex verification system. Suppose, you have verified your paypal via VCC as in your country paypal is not supported. For you, hostgator is not a good option. You might check others like bluehost or ipage. I myself tried to host my site in hostgator but I...
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    Help Me/Question What factor do you consider when choosing a web host

    First of all, I check several things before hosting my website. I check their PR and how long they are doing business. If I am satisfied then I check their up time feature often asking review about them in various forums. Secondly, I directly check their support team, I talk to them about up...
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    Neutral Possible Review On

    I am wondering if anyone here is using cloud hosting? Seems they are online from 1997 but its weird that, I never heard about them before, except when my colleague recommended them. My colleague has hosted his large website on their cloud host like three months ago and without any...
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    Hello I am new here

    Hello, I am new here. Found this forum from v7n. I registered here because I want to be a forum leader for this forum. Thanks