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    Announcement Win Cash! Content Writing Competition Year End 2015

    I hope this will be another helpful tutorial from my side Tutorial - All You Need To Know About Payza - Formerly - Alertpay
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    Tutorial All You Need To Know About Payza - Formerly - Alertpay

    What is Payza? Payza is an online payment money processing service. You can receive and send money wherever you want. You can use Payza to shop online, send money online using your credit card, bank account or Payza e-wallet. How many types of account do Payza have? You can have two types...
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    Tutorial Top 10 Legit Sites That Will Pay You To Write Content Online

    Yes it happens because I have seen lots of spam articles has been submitted every single day. As myself I am very selective when it comes to buying articles, because there are lots of articles already on internet and I don't want that on my website. Many people have complained and most of the...
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    Tutorial Top 10 Legit Sites That Will Pay You To Write Content Online

    Yes both are restricted and strict against plagiarism. Hubpages is easy, just write articles on the most talked trend on internet, publish it on hubpage community, you will see good income.
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    Help Me/Question To Become An Seo Pro, What Qualities Are Necessary?

    There is no rocket science to become an SEO pro. You need to continuously try and implement with various aspects of search engine optimization. If you have done proper research on SEO, you would have seen that some people have got success with web 2.0 and some have got success with PBN's. Needs...
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    Tutorial How To Reach Top Rankings On Google And Other Search Engines

    Basically you have mention, On-page/site optimization. On page optimization helps any search engine to recognize the content, images and videos that are present in your website in order to rank it. You covered it all.
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    Tutorial How to make money online

    You have asked a legit question here. Yes its true that no one can compete with Amazon, but you can always target local customers of your Area and then slowly open up for more localities. You can start with small and when you think its growing you can expand to more customers. But for this,you...
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    My 2 Cents Tips for preparing a website for affiliate marketing

    In order to promote any product or service,you need to research that market very well. No product can be blindly selected. You mention important points to start any affiliate marketing business. Keyword Research - Make sure its low competitive and have doors open for optimizing EMD Domain - As...
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    Tutorial Rank Your Fresh Website With These Secret Tricks

    See,I have analyzed your keyword. jerusalempilgrimtours, there is no huge competition. But I dont see your website on the first website, you need to start seo and marketing your website as soon as possible.
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    My Suggestion 4 Areas New Freelance Writers Should Focus On To Make More Money By Writing

    You might want to take a look at my tutorial here Tutorial - Top 10 Legit Sites That Will Pay You For Writing Content Online I have mention some sources that pay you good money for writing professional content.
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    My 2 Cents 10 Highest Earning, Hottest Adsense Niches

    You have mention almost all niches that are totally saturated and highly competitive. But as I have seen the market, you still can come up with good unsaturated and less competitive keywords, if you do your research well. Last time I made a MNS,client requested me to find a keyword that is on...
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    Tutorial How To Get More Facebook Likes

    Other option is, you can use Facebook ads,the Fasteest way to get instant likes to your page/pages. To run ads you will need two things - money and testing patience. Money to invest in ads and patience for testing purpose.
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    My Suggestion 5 Ways That Can Keep You Motivated In Doing Business Everyday

    Your motivational threads are inspiring us, keep up the good work. keep them coming.
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    My 2 Cents The True Meaning Of Success In Affiliate Marketing

    Very motivational. These are the true meaning of success. You have to work hard everyday to gain the knowledge, money and reputation. Without that anything is impossible. Affiliate marketing works when you have two things- money to invest and hard work to make it happen.
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    Tutorial How To Use Facebook For Internet Marketing For Your Business

    Very well explained. Today, Facebook is the biggest community in the world. A large variety of platform to connect with different businesses. But, by the day, its becoming stricter for online marketers. Its getting harder and harder to start a new business, if you don't imply within their rules.
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    Tutorial How To Get Targeted Leads On Facebook?

    I have used Facebook as an advertising tool,so I also would like to point out some aspects before you take any step. Step #1: Join a relevant niche Facebook group After joining the group make sure you dont spam the hell out of it :P. It will result in instant ban. In order to get more and more...
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    Announcement Win Cash! Content Writing Competition Year End 2015

    Here is another one - Tutorial - Top 10 Legit Sites That Will Pay You For Writing Content Online
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    Tutorial Top 10 Legit Sites That Will Pay You To Write Content Online

    Top 10 Legit Sites that will Pay You to Write Content Online Looking to get paid for writing? You need to look at these top 10 websites that pays you good money to write content. It's simple, you have to stick to there rules and generate high quality content. If you think you can generate...
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    Help Me/Question Subscribers List Not Updating

    Maybe they have privately subscribed?