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    My Suggestion Having A Mobile Friendly Website Design

    Definitely today is necessary to have mobile-friendly website to succeed on the web, and it is always advisable double check yours is by using an online service that checks for compatibility. Personally I like to make my website design based on bootstrap, what guarantees the site will always...
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    My Experience Don't Fall For These Affiliate Marketing Scams

    I would add as a warning sign for whoever wanting to make money from affiliate marketing this; avoid whatever offer that is not really part of a website but the sole website. I mean by this sales copy letters hosted under a matching domain name that are just this; and letter page selling you...
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    Help Me/Question Why google hates traffic generated through ptc and traffic exchange sites?

    No, Google is not longer the highest paying ad site, and has not been since some years back. However if compared with Bidvertiser which is really bad, AdSense appear still as king, but time has gone, advertising has evolved, and while Google goes hand in hand when it comes to technology, they...
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    Tutorial 6 Google Adsense Alternatives To Monetize Your Website

    Well it's not about competing with Adsense, is about competing with your earnings. You may find that Taboola has poor conversion if your site is not the kind of site that matches with content Taboola delivers, or if your layout is not set in the misleading way most websites and companies are...
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    Help Me/Question How to generate sales from amazon affiliate program

    I have never had any luck making money with Amazon, yes, a few bucks every now and then adding both, affiliate links and banners to my sites. Perhaps the most successful time for me with Amazon was when I bought a script that powered an Amazon search engine. It was kind of a Google version, but...
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    My Experience Commision Junction; Just A Fraud Site?

    Well, to start with let me tell you that Commission Junction is one of the largest and long-time running advertising companies on the web; it was already there when I first came online, and joined shortly later in the early 2000s. On those day I was a totally newbie to online money-making...
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    Solved/Closed No Permission To Post Here - Try A Sub-forum

    Yes! Thank you so much for the prompt response :) Going to post over there now ;)
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    My 2 Cents Php Website Creation

    PHP is the most widely used programming language, which is supported by both Windows and Linux servers, but being native to this latter, it's always better running it on a Linux environment for better performance. Coding a website on PHP requires knowledge, but practices makes perfect, and you...
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    Solved/Closed No Permission To Post Here - Try A Sub-forum

    Just try to start a thread about my experience with Commission Junction, but just found that nobody is able to start a new thread there. Though to let you know about #Solmak
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    Tutorial 6 Google Adsense Alternatives To Monetize Your Website

    While agree to some extent with @Petesede, actually most of those companies listed above, including Adsense, are not longer the best options when it comes to make money from contextual advertising. And probably most of you will agree with this, if I bring to the table all of those articles you...
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    Tutorial Bad link in google’s eyes?

    So true, and besides the above excellent tips I would say that other big mistake is adding dozens of links in the front page of a website, trying to get the most from back linking. Some webmasters are carefully when it comes to avoid linking websites on a bad neighborhood or falling into any...
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    Help Me/Question How To Make Money Online?

    This is one of the most asked questions on the web, and also one of the ones with a large number of alternatives to go with. You can make money online from blogging, getting paid for reviews you make or... From running advertising on your blog, website or forum From doing freelance jobs...
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    Help Me/Question What is google wallet?

    I believe that problem with Google is the same as with other companies; they want to be "Jack of all trades", which makes them fail miserably because no matter how many skilled people they could hire. Human and artificial intelligence must have a limit or point of incompatibility that makes...
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    Help Me/Question Yahoo Recommends?

    Ah, thanks a lot for the info! Probably I haven't seen those ads because while I have a Yahoo account, I rarely stop by Yahoo pages or services, however whenever a money-making service is best know for penalizing or being at risk to be, I think it's better to stay away of it. Many times we...
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    Help Me/Question Please suggest some ideas on increasing sales

    Have you tried to get offline people ordering? Many times we can get good client from people who are not actually regular Internet surfers, whether because they don't understand at all how to use it, or because they only use the web to read email or let their children do the homework...
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    Help Me/Question Why google hates traffic generated through ptc and traffic exchange sites?

    I wouldn't say that Google hates traffic generated through PTC and traffic exchange services, but that they are too old to fall in a potential money-lose activity. Whoever has been online since before the turn of the century may remember loads of opportunities to makes money using PTC and...
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    Help Me/Question What is google wallet?

    First time I heard from Google Wallet was about ten years ago, and was limited to buying stuff form a shopping area Google had set, or something like that. I can't remember well. However what I can remember with accuracy is that people began to complain because of AdSense due to the lengthy...
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    Help Me/Question Yahoo Recommends?

    Believe it or not, I have been online for over a decade, much, much more, and this is the first time I heard about Yahoo Recommends. Doing a quick research I can see is an option to monetize, but could someone explain me what is this about and when it came up into the scene? Well, I mainly...
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    My Suggestion Retweets can easily enhance your popularity

    I must say that retweeting can be considered "word of mouth" advertising because what you spread is shared by someone else, and this someone does it as well, creating a chain reaction that benefits your marketing campaigns. However the main point is create loyal followers first, and then tweet...
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    Help Me/Question Chitika Yesterday And Today

    I remember myself back in 2005 having a personal project website, spinning around the Medieval world, which was a mix of virtual reality, online gaming and on-site fun. This was my best ever ranked site (PR5), rank that such website hold for years since before. I guess it was PR5 for around...