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  1. Zak

    My Suggestion 3 Ways How Seo Can Help Your Small Business Grow

    Many business owners wonder: What is SEO? A brief answer would be, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a collection of techniques that help a business website rank high in popular search engines like Google. Figure out a situation whereby you search a particular key phrase or keyword such as...
  2. Zak

    Tutorial How To Use Facebook For Internet Marketing For Your Business

    Facebook is one of the most important social networks for Internet marketing. If you run a business and you intend to connect with potential customers, Facebook is the way to go. You need first to determine what your goals are in using Facebook for marketing. Then, you will be able to determine...
  3. Zak

    Tutorial How To Reach Top Rankings On Google And Other Search Engines

    When you are trying to increase your visibility on the internet you need to know how to reach top rankings on Google search. Google is the most widely used search engine on the internet and as such, being on the first page of Google is an important aspect of promoting your website. Even if you...
  4. Zak

    My 2 Cents 10 Highest Earning, Hottest Adsense Niches

    Basically niche means that topic what is the best you blogging and site-building. The higher paying niche in Adsense is people who widely research and handle daily man problems. People would prefer to use internet to uncover tips and also solution of several problems and on account of which...
  5. Zak

    News/ Info 8 Myths Related To Internet Security

    These are 8 myths that are hard to die which are related to internet and computers. 1. Macs are completely secure from viruses The world's first computer viruses appeared on a Mac, believe it or not. The year was 1982 and the program was called Cloner. But ever since then, Apple computers...
  6. Zak

    My Suggestion The Reasons Why Ad Campaigns Fail

    Appeal to Consumer Logic and Emotions with your Ads Most advertisers focus on this part of advertising - telling people about their product. This is a reason why most advertising campaign fails. Telling your story will not make people want to buy. There are two sides that play on the...
  7. Zak

    My 2 Cents Top Internet Marketing Developments

    The significant effect the way information shared on the internet has influenced and affected marketing. The increased demand for unique content rather than embedding advertisements within the content gained popularity and now it is part of the equation leading to success. The benefits of...
  8. Zak

    My Suggestion Why You Should Invest In Premium Wordpress Themes

    WordPress is the leading blogging platform in the world. If you intend to use the platform, one of your initial challenges will be to decide whether to use a free WordPress theme or a premium one. For most bloggers, this might seem a simple choice since free seem to be the best option. Many who...
  9. Zak

    My Suggestion Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Social Media

    Many businesses were hesitant to venture into the social sphere few years ago. Most companies questioned its viability and also wrongly focused on the risks involved. They continuously asked themselves whether it was worth their resources and time. However, those days are long gone and now...
  10. Zak

    My Suggestion 3 Ways To Create A Powerful Social Media Plan For 2015 That You Have To Know About

    Still don't have a social media plan in place? Well, here are some statistics that will change your mind. Did you know that 80% of social network users in the United States prefer to connect to brands through Facebook? Or that the number of companies that say Facebook is important to their...
  11. Zak

    My Suggestion Top Five Outstanding Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

    Affiliate marketing allows people to sell a variety of products online through their website or blogs. Affiliate marketing for beginners is sometimes hard but it doesn’t need to be. If you just want to try your hand at affiliate marketing because you read about it somewhere on the internet then...
  12. Zak

    My Suggestion 5 Awesome Benefits Of Hiring A Good Seo Firm

    Let’s face it: with today’s technology every business is trying its best to invest in effective marketing strategies that will lead to increase in revenue. Businesses have come to realize that many potential customers are flocking the internet to look for their preferred products, and they go...
  13. Zak

    My Suggestion 4 Areas New Freelance Writers Should Focus On To Make More Money By Writing

    Rome was not built in a day. Every writer making good money online started somewhere. They faced the same challenges you are faced by, had the patience and eventually made it. As a new freelance writer, although you don’t have to go for lowest paying jobs, sometimes they are important rather...
  14. Zak

    Tutorial 6 Google Adsense Alternatives To Monetize Your Website

    I would say Adsense still remains the king of PPC advertising, it has a huge marketshare and has its tentacles in almost every country and every niche and every platform created. Google's has user's browsing histories (when not hidden by members) and so much information that they are certainly...
  15. Zak

    My Suggestion That's Why I Hate Ptc Sites!

    @networld Sorry, I totally misunderstood this topic. I was confused between PPC vs PTC. Reading the posts above, I'd say it is such a fraud way of earning by the PTC site operators. I know they made a lot of money in early stages of Adsense too, by hiring people to click on their customer's ads...
  16. Zak

    Selling (fully Automated) (600+ Uniques/day)

    Looks good, does the automation work or has any bugs? Do you have any revenue/profit and proofs? How much for the site?
  17. Zak

    Help Me/Question Is it safe to attach your debit or credit card with paypal?

    I have been using PayPal since many years and have my bank account attached to deposit funds in it and credit card as back up payment system. So far, I never had hacking issues with my PayPal and a few times I have to open dispute because the sellers did not provide me service or send me product...
  18. Zak

    Fun Did Everyone Already Know This? Spy On The Forum?

    I am posting this in here because it looks like a newbie question LOL When I clicked this I can see my replies as they are being posted on this forum... or anyone else's activity. Kinda fun to look at.
  19. Zak

    My Suggestion That's Why I Hate Ptc Sites!

    Do you mean getting paid for placing their ads on your website? I think Google Adsense is also a kind of "pay to click" site isn't it, I mean advertisers pay for every click they receive not for ad impressions. That sucks if they actually earn by placing ads on your site but do not share any...
  20. Zak

    My Suggestion Retweets can easily enhance your popularity

    I feel like a dinosaur not knowing too much about Twitter. I have never really used it so much although I did sign up and use it a few times in the past, more so for socializing with friends and family. Never really used it for marketing or business related stuff. Damn it is hard to keep up with...