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    My 2 Cents List of blogs that allows guest posting

    Oh really super site with allowing the guest postings. Thanks for nice share.
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    Best movie you like....

    I like Mission Impossible ans Wrath of titans, both are best movies.
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    which music category?

    I like melodious songs to relax my mind. The music was very pleasant to hear.
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    best music bands

    My vote for Black eyed peas. I hear this album daily with high surrounding volume.
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    favorite songs

    I love the songs by Dawn Jay, Sri Lanka singer having great voice and nice albums.
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    My 2 Cents Effective Web Design

    Thanks that great tips to share, you having a lot of experience on web design and eCommerce.
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    Does Facebook advertisement work?

    this is clicked by 100%, because now a days many people aware of face book they can use it
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    Do you remove the wordpress link from the footer?

    no need to remove the wordpress link from your wordpress better to rectify it
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    Help Me/Question How to increase the execution time?

    By writing the short cut code for php application we can increase the execution time
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    Is their any relation between Social media and Reputation Management

    yes, this two are having the same path in websites, mostly having similar properties
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    How i develop my business through twitter?

    In twitter you can give the publicity of your business, that you can develop your business easily.
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    What do you use for programming ?

    According to me Dreamweaver is best in all modification of our web pages. Its in back end or front end.
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    How to create a website on my own

    You can start from basic that tips are avail in w3cschools web portals. And use basic web design applications like Microsoft expression and Front page. It will more helpful in coding.
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    What Code Editor Do You Use?

    i am having the Visual Studio package, its default open in C# code editor.
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    My 2 Cents Google Analytics Available On Android

    Oh that great, because i am using Android mobiles. thank you very find easy analysis of our websites.
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    My 2 Cents Who is using Google Analytics

    That super presentation about Google Analytic's, This service from Google that shows the analysis of optimized web sites in Search engines.Thanks for nice share.
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    SEO is NOT a waste of money, how do you go about it?

    SEO is more profitable thing in this universe. But some countries and peoples are not showing much interest on this. It is more beneficial to us.
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    Fun How many email addresses do you have?

    I have 4 emails accounts in different mail services. And one is my official use.
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    Just Gossip Favorite Magazine

    I like Techno news magazine. That helps to improve the latest technologies.
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    Hello New Here

    Hi Friends, I am Sandy, I am new member to this forum, Kindly suggest me if i need any assistance. Thanks in Advance.