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    Cheap Hosting, Unlimited Space and Bandwidth, only $1.25 per month

    UNLIMITED Hosting for only $1.25 per month provides you shared hosting with powerfull server (Processor Intel Core i7 920, RAM 12 GB). Ready to help you in building website easily and professionally, comes with the best Unlimited Package you ever seen. Package Standard...
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    My Experience Google Apply For .google , .youtube And .lol

    Internet is full of weird TLD now. .google, .lol, what next? .yahoo, .apple, or .cocacola too?
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    Send Free SMS from Gmail chat to Mobile Phones

    I have used this before, it only support local number. Not working for international number
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    Value Of Joomla web sites

    You might need additional Joomla extension/plugin for better SEO optimization.
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    Help Me/Question Vs .org Domain

    Better go with and target UK visitor. If you go with .org and target worldwide customer, trust me, you have thousands of competitors, or even more.
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    My 2 Cents .org domain registry inceasing price

    Not a Big Problem for me, as i don't have domain with .org extension. Always use .com domain, it's the best.
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    favorite songs

    Skater Boys and My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
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    My Computer Run Slow When Surfing The Internet

    Use CCleaner to scan your system, and turn back your browser to default setting
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    Which is your favourite brand of laptop?

    Sony Vaio, though currently i am using Toshiba
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    Help Me/Question Help Choose A Name For My New Shopping Cart

    Just a question, why must use "shopping basket", instead of "shopping cart"? And yeah, i prefer WMS, sounds professional.
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    My 2 Cents What Are Other Ecommerce Solutions Are There Except Ebay And Amazon?

    Ebay provide better performance, either on desktop or mobile platform. Amazon is good, but they must improve their mobile version.
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    Help Me/Question What Do You Want In A Shopping Cart?

    Easy Site Navigation, Big Thumbnail for Product Picture, Support Multiple Payment Processor and Currency. Also advanced search option (must be accurate).
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    My Experience Shopping Cart Help + User Reviews << Post Here

    While choosing a shopping cart, you must know if there is big community who develop and use that cart. Just for anticipation if you have problem in future, so you don't need expert to fix that and just get back and ask the question to the community
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    My Experience Do You Have A Blog? Tell Us About Your Blog?

    I have blog on Mostly used it for notes, publish any important thing related with my college education.
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    Help Me/Question Page Rank

    Watch on your keyword while building link. And make sure you are not doing too much keyword stuffing for onpage optimization.
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    Help Me/Question How many adsense do you suggest per webpage

    You should pay more attention on adsense positioning. Place your code on left side or your main content. Or if possible, you may want the adsense inside your content.
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    How to start a forum tutorial

    For newbie webmaster, don't build a forum as your first project. Better if you go building a blog. And once you have enough visitors on your blog, you can then build a forum for your visitors
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    Fix your DNS problems

    As far as i remember, i never get this issue on my computer. By the way, thanks for share the trick here.
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    I am a new webmaster

    Welcome to this confusing world. In webmaster world, you will find that all things are not as easy as you think. But, everything is still possible if you give your best effort. Good Luck with your business