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    Help Me/Question 100% Uptime - Is That Possible?

    It depends over what timeframe. 100% network uptime is possible, but not 100% server uptime.
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    Help Me/Question New Domain Name System

    The high cost of registering one of those new tld's with ICANN will be a barrier for most. It could perhaps be popular with large corporations, but it won't be affordable or practical for most website owners.
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    Help Me/Question Setting Up Domain Dns To Use Two Web Hosting Companies

    Round Robin DNS is the easiest way (and free), however your site visitors would have to refresh their browser in order for the dns to attempt to connect to host number 2 (in your example). It's important to remember that even after refreshing the page your visitors would have a 50-50 chance of...
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    Help Me/Question When Buying Hosting Will This Sway You?

    I wouldn't put too much value on a five star rating unless I knew who was giving the rating and had some additional background info on how the rating system works. I might be overly cynical, but there is no way of knowing from that image if they gave the rating to themselves, or if they paid...
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    Help Me/Question Domain sales..

    Yes. Some countries have residency requirements for domain registrations that the buyer would have to meet.
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    Help Me/Question Software Like Whcms

    I'm not aware of any software that gives you all the functionality of WHMCS for free. It costs money to make money. WHMCS is a powerful piece of software and is a great value.
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    Does domain name ensures website success?

    Your choice of domain name certainly helps in establishing a brand, but as far as making your website popular/successful content is king.
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    Domain extension .xxx is finally approved

    It's really no different than any of the other extensions that get launched, it's not like the existing porn sites with .com's, etc. will abandon their current domains, and there is no restrictions that say adult sites will HAVE to only use a .xxx extension. It will have little over-all effect...
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    Help Me/Question What do you look for in a host?

    It's always a good idea to check the connectivity. Ask for a test IP that you can ping to see latency from different locations.
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    Free Domain Name Suggestion

    It costs money to make money. You can buy a .com (for instance) for around $12 per year with the big registrars like godaddy. Your site will be for making money, do you consider a minimal investment of $12 per year towards its success worthwhile? (hopefully you plan on making more than $12 per...
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    Will you commit sucide because your work was critisised?

    Correlation doesn't mean causation. There is no way of knowing what else was going on in these people's lives that may have pushed them into that action.
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    Distance between the server and client

    It depends on how they have configured their network. If they peer with the networks your client's isp uses it won't matter. It's also important to remember that just because the company is from India doesn't mean that is where their servers are.
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    My 2 Cents Do you protect your domain name?

    Privacy functions are ok for domains that are being used for personal websites, but if it is a business site having the address listed in the whois directory adds to the business' perceived legitimacy.
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    Second most popular domain extension after .com

    I read somewhere that the most popular extensions world-wide are: . 1) com 2) .dk 3) .net
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    Linux hosting

    Linux is generally thought of as more stable than Windows, and as it is open-source it's less expensive to run on a server (no o/s licensing fees have to be paid)
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    Canadian domain registrar

    The physical location of the registrar makes no difference. CIRA ( domain authority) has a list on their site of officially accredited registrars (if you are doing comparison shopping)
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    domain with phone spelling is a famous example of this.
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    name server

    Yes, you can configure both your primary and secondary DNS on the same server. You can have an additonal IP to host your sites on (although it's not necessary, unless you require ssl)
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    window and linux

    Plesk isn't restricted to just Windows, you can also use it on Linux servers
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    domain with dashes

    domains with dashes are sometimes more difficult for visitors to remember than ones without. I'd try to get a different tld for the name before going for an alternative with dashes.