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  1. HogWildMark

    [WTS] - Valentines Hosting Event

    [WTS] - Valentines Hosting Event Get 50% off your first month of hosting to celebrate Valentines. Use Code: Valentines Offer valid until Feburary 29, 2012 HogWildHost offers lightning fast and secure web hosting at an affordable price with 24/7 technical support...
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    [WTS] - January Web Hosting Event

    [WTS] - January Web Hosting Event Get your 30% off the first 3 months of hosting. Use Code: HogWild1 Offer valid until January 31/2012 HogWildHost offers lightning fast and secure web hosting at an affordable price with 24/7 technical support. Whether you are a business...
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    [Selling] - New Years Sales

    [Selling] - New Years Sales HogWildHost offers lightning fast and secure web hosting at an affordable price with 24/7 technical support. Whether you are a business or individual seeking to start a blog, HogWildHost provides you with everything needed to get started. All of...
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    [Selling] - 6 Month Hosting Savings Event

    [Selling] - 6 Month Hosting Event Save 15% off each month of hosting for first 6 months service. COUPON CODE:15off HogWildHost has hosting packages to suit all your needs. Web Hosting - Starting at $1.99/month eCommerce(Business)Hosting - Starting at $11.99/month Blog...
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    Help Me/Question Spam Email Advertising What Do You Get Most Off The Time?

    I dont actually see alot of spam anymore now that I have switched almost totally to using gmail for personal use.
  6. HogWildMark

    Asking Advice Bars, Clubs, Real Social Dating

    Whatever happened to the day when people actually left their computers and homes to meet people. I think sites like eHarmony and Match have ruined our social structure and how we meet people.
  7. HogWildMark

    My 2 Cents Backlinks Myth

    I have heard that using backlinks can be fatal to a site especially if google sees that your site has been submitted to link farms. They will ban you from their search engine.
  8. HogWildMark

    My 2 Cents Radio for my website

    Have you considered shoutcast from winamp. I think that is a free alternative for internet radio.
  9. HogWildMark

    Introduction Frehser

    Welcome to the community. Nice to meet you
  10. HogWildMark

    Google Plus Confusion

    Google plus brand pages are associated with your personal profile. At this time Google does not allow for admin sharing. I for one hope they fix this soon.
  11. HogWildMark

    Google Plus Hangouts

    What is your opinion on G+ hangouts? Should brands start using hangouts on G+ to start promoting their services and offering support?
  12. HogWildMark

    What is the best way to add free Twitter followers?

    I agree with maximizer. Free followers are great but can also look and be bad for business, Especially if they really have no legitimate interest in your brand. Its always best to re-tweet from those you follow. Post topics from legitimate news and tech sites. Create your own tech news and...
  13. HogWildMark

    Social Meda and Bookmarking submission

    Does anyone know if any way to auto-submit our website for SEO, Social Media or Social Bookmarking sites that is free or for a low cost?
  14. HogWildMark

    Tutorial The Power Of Flickr

    Interesting I have never considered using Flikr to promote our services. Thanks for the tip.
  15. HogWildMark

    SEO Suggestions

    What are some good ways I can use in order to give our hosting company a boost using SEO?
  16. HogWildMark

    Where do you target your campaing?

    We target our adwords in the USA and Canada seeing as our servers are USA Based.
  17. HogWildMark

    Does PPC advertising work for you?

    Pay per click is not beneficial unless you have an unlimited advertising budget in order to get the most of bidding on keywords.
  18. HogWildMark

    Help Me/Question Seeking Blogs

    I would like to know if anyone can suggest place I can promote my web hosting company by using blogs?
  19. HogWildMark

    Help Me/Question Do affiliate programs really hep?

    I have a question. Do affiliate programs really work to bring in new clients to web hosting companies?
  20. HogWildMark

    Neutral Company Or Business Do You Admire The Most?

    Good question. Without question Apple. What other company can have a CEO, Kick them out, get almost to the brink of bankruptcy, have their old CEO return and bring that company back to be worth more than the ritchest oil company in America. Apple of course.