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  1. Marth

    My Experience Combining Amazon Affiliates With Google Adsense

    Combining Amazon Affiliates with Google Adsense has been a positive experience for me. I simply link a product with the content I'm talking about in my articles and videos and have adsense running alongside it. I've seen a few sales and plenty of clickthroughs with Amazon Affiliates. Have you...
  2. Marth

    My Experience A Couple Things I've Learned From Youtube Adsense

    So I've had my youtube channel for several years now and just recently received my second paycheck from them. I've learned a bit from this experience and would like to share it with you. First you need to focus on creating quality content that people want to see. Some niches get more views...
  3. Marth

    My 2 Cents What Business Are You In Offline If Any?

    I have a question for everyone: What kind of business are you guys in offline? Is online work your main profession or do you also have a profession/other work? As for myself, I go to school and also work in customer service.