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    What's your favourite eMarketing method?

    No favorite method yet. I use all web marketing methods/tools that can benefits me to get leads for my business.
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    the Best search engine??

    Not other than Google after it my choice is Bing.
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    My Suggestion Starting A Business

    Starting a business is easy, you will get business cards and mails at address box but all are useless until you sell your product/service that's actually not easy. In USA SBA & in UK Business Link is an excellent place to obtain information and assistance. On basis of information provided by...
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    Help Me/Question Online Reputation Management - Seo By Another Name?

    This concept is not new, lots of businesses are using this for getting leads especially in travel related industries. I've done this work successfully for one of my client. It was not a part of SEO our package plan. We did & charge it separately . For interested people, I can share some samples.
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    Help Me/Question Call Center Business

    Hi All I am looking to establish my own call center, can someone here share some tips for start ups like equipments, software, telephone line etc. Looking forward for your positive response.
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    UK Seo Contest delayed

    I think one more contestant need (14 Registered) to UK SEO Contest Live.
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    Disqus Comment System

    luckylook3, it is nofollow commenting system I think that's why most of newspaper, article sites and social blog sites are using it. Further, I know that it is not useful for keyword ranking or optimization but great resource for traffic from trusted sites. I agree with kappa84, "when link...
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    Questions to ask your client before starting project?

    What you ask to your client before starting SEO or quotation to him? Like No. of Keywords, Geographical location, target audience etc. What are else to ask? Please share.
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    Best Backlink Checker

    No tool will give you exact result. Type just show you 8,780 results. Why this. If Google show all your links, it will be easier for your competitor to know about your SEO strategy and will easy counter attack you. This is my perception.
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    UK Webmaster Forum SEO Contest - Starts 12 February 2011

    Hi Temi I am interested in the contest. Just adding my contest info on this page
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    Facebook Application Guide

    I've tried creating FB application but still need to understand more specially asking for URL in Facebook integration section.
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    Facebook Application Guide

    Can anybody know about the Facebook application? How to use it for business? How an non-programer can develop it for business? Can anyone share simple but comprehensive guide?
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    My 2 Cents List of dofollow wordpress plugins

    WordPress Plugins facility only available on not on So you can't convert your blog into dofollow.
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    Internet Marketing Terms

    How do you describe these terms? - Web Promotion - Brand Promotion, - Lead Promotion - Social Media Promotion - Social Networking Promotion - Link Build Popularity and how check it? Looking for your replies and thoughts.
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    Step by Step Keyword research and Article Submission Guide?

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll try these tips now and ask further when any question arise.
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    Step by Step Keyword research and Article Submission Guide?

    Can someone guide me on Step by Step Keyword research and Article Submission? How to do/perform it? ALong with reports format etc. I've some knowledge but want you to share your thoughts so I can search them effectively.
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    Facebook is going to end its operation i.e. shut down website on 15 March 2011. Here's the link. For many parents it will be good and for some SMEs/business owners where people like to Facebook while in their...
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    I am Nagarasapandi from Chennai

    Hello, Welcome here. Look to more participation from your side.
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    Best Backlink Checker

    Check this It is also useful.
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    My 2 Cents Quick web analytics checklist

    Here's quick checklist to know how well your web analytic has configured! - Page Tagging means are your web pages tracking properly by the search engines? - IP Address Exclusion i.e. Have you determined which IP addresses you need to exclude or filter out from the data? For example Single IP...