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  1. xmsmmgrs

    Jewelry link on a strong PR4 site. Many inner pages with PR3!

    Hello, I have a jewelry site with PR4 homepage and many inner pages with PR3 and PR2. Price is $100/year! I am selling only one link so let me know if you are interested. First come, first served!
  2. xmsmmgrs

    Strong PR4 health link for sale

    I am selling one link on my PR4 health site. All our content is original and well written and many inner pages have high PR. Price is $100 for a one year link. PM me for the URL. Remember, I sell only one link. First come, first served.
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    PR3 seo links for sale

    Hello guys! I have a PR3 SEO site (not blog) where I can sell link. Drop me a PM if you are interested.
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    7 high PR domains for $150

  5. xmsmmgrs

    SEO optimized quotes script for sale

    Up for sale is a copy of the script you can see at Description: - script and design is unique, both made by me - over 2500 quotes (not unique - sorry but I don't have time to invent that many quotes :)) - the entire site is SEO optimized - admin panel where you can update...
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    PR3, SEO/Stats website for sale

    Dear friends, Up for sale is my SEO tools website, If you are interested to buy it please contact me at office at Thank you.
  7. xmsmmgrs is up for sale is up for sale. PM me if you are interested to buy it.
  8. xmsmmgrs

    PR5 education related site with many PR4 inner pages

    I have a PR5 education related site for sale. Many of our articles have PR4. The site is 100% original and unique. The registrar is godaddy. Take a look at
  9. xmsmmgrs

    Facebook profile banner generator application for sale

    We are selling a Facebook application that will generate a profile banner. You can see it at There is an admin section where you can manage categories and banners. It is extremely easy to add new categories and banners. Price is $150/copy. PM me if you are interested.
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    $15 - Twitter domain for sale

    MULTITWT.COM - $15 First come, first served. I am selling the domain, not the site.
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    WTS: Permanent PR4 business link

    Permanent PR4 business link: $200.
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    PR4 business link for $50/year.

    PR4 business link for $50/year.
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    I'll sell the domain for $100.
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    PR4 business/marketing links for sale

    I have PR4 business/marketing links for sale. Price is $20/month or $200/year.
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    $100 AdWords voucher for sale

    $100 AdWords voucher for sale Price: $20 Coupon remains valid until 2/15/2011. Terms and Conditions Promotional credit must be applied to a new AdWords account within 15 days of creating the AdWords account and is valid only for new Google AdWords customers with self-managed...
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    I am looking to sell the domain name auctionpro .co If needed, I can sell the site too. Feel free to send me offers.
  17. xmsmmgrs

    My 2 Cents Why a business needs an online presence

    Online presence might help but sometimes offline advertisement is much better. Depends on the nature of your business.
  18. xmsmmgrs

    Php support for adsense

    Adsense will ban you if you are not using the code as they give it to you. I suggest NOT to use any 3rd party scripts.
  19. xmsmmgrs

    Neutral The quality of your hosting is vital to seo

    Most of the problems I had were server speed related. After I moved it seems that I have more pages indexed and faster.
  20. xmsmmgrs

    Links on PR4, DMOZ, YAHOO, and Google listed site

    I have a PR4, DMOZ, YAHOO, and Google listed site where I can sell links. Niche is psychology/health. We have a few articles in English but the rest of them are NOT in English. However, if you are looking for PR increase, this is a great deal, no matter of the language. Many of the internal...