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    [TIPS] Selling a website

    Revenue: Revenue is king valuing a website either you are buyer or seller. make sure you have all the records of revenue generated by website. TIP:➔ if your site have generated revenue by an affiliate link or any source other then your main source include them too. TIP:➔ Do not sell your...
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    Help With

    Agree with Temi A is confusing a 14LR is better then ASOW at first expression it seems a A Sow
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    [TIPS] Buying a Site Safe transaction tips

    Revenue: Valuing a site revenue is most important A standard method for valuing a website is Take monthly revenue and multiply it with a fair number of months usually average monthly revenue X 12 months. TIP:➔ Look at a revenue report over the year. Some sellers will have one High sales month...
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    i have tried youtube for tutorials but it don't helped me usually video creator don't care about quality of video in some cases when teacher writes examples viewer cant see what he is typing some speak too speedy and those English is not there native cant follow what they are saying
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    Fun How many email addresses do you have?

    more then one 100 actually it is a need like you said to have a blogspot you need to have a gmail account i do not register more then 3 blogspot blogs with one email so 6 blogs with 2 accounts give me plus point to leave link back on each other for each other
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    Help Me/Question My google adsense got banned what to do now?

    if possible create a new account in name of your any close relative (brother sister mother father) for adsense do not generate Traffic let your content generate traffic based on search position focus on content do not copy from any other source be relevant to your niche DO NOT BUY TRAFFIC if...
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    Neutral Bluehost vs hostgator?

    hostgator and bluehost any of them is Good choice i have used both and very confident with both companies both care very much of there customers both provide support in same way "speedy" however i found bluehost customer support representatives more friendly though host gator's are friendly too
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    Neutral Pproblem Hosting With Limited Bandwith

    what is the message you face ? what you mean by limited ? you are unable to login into cpanel ? user interface is just fine or users/visitors are unable to brows your site ?
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    My 2 Cents Short Title Tags Is More Important

    Ozami is the main site name some developers set it as "Post Title - Site slogan or site name" and some set it as "Site slogan or site name - post Title" long and short titles are not part of SEO effectiveness Ozami is the tail for every page title so it gets displayed i am not sure why Ruth...
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    Neutral Please review my newest design

    yes looks cool you need to get more signups and member activities according to site domain says Girlsmate which leads to matrimonial site title says facebook to travelers which do not appeals based on the domain name i suggest stick with dating not traveling by the way what software you use
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    My 2 Cents Who is using Google Analytics

    if you are a webmaster you are a Google analytics user i don't think if a webmaster don't use it user friendly free service powerful tool
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    Help Me/Question Digital download script

    this way you may get some nulled copies of paid scripts as you don't have control to uploaders they can upload anything they want this is something like filehosting websites you need an unmattered webhost which do not restricts to upload backups files etc i suggest think about
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    Help Me/Question How can i setup seo friendly urls in php?

    you need to setup seo friendly urls using .htaccess make sure that Rewrite engine is ON you will need to add RewriteEngine on in your .htaccess file .htaccess file is located in root of where your script is hosted then you need to add kind of this RewriteRule^home$ index.php[L] so on for...
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    Asking Advice May I Post 'selling Domains' Thread?

    as mentioned in temi's Post you can sell them in Buy Sell Websites under Marketplace Forum