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    How to improve the SERP ranking?

    To get rank higher on Search engines you need to be relevant in your search engine optimization. You can do all that activities which will help your website to rank higher on SERPs like social bookmarking, directory, article submission, forums, blogs...ETC.
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    Google instant turn off option disabled by Google.

    Yes it is turned off by Google..
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    the Best search engine??

    As per my opinion Google is best Search engine I have ever visit..
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    SEO and URL Optimization

    Thanks for this creditable information, I really appreciate you. Choosing right URL is very important for website business in future. You have make it so easy to understand about to choosing website URL.
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    best SEO tool

    I am using SeoQuake tool. It very good and very easy to use.. You can try this one.
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    follow and no follow links

    Yes I am agree with you temi. When you place a hyperlink, you can rest assured that it will not contain the nofollow attribute, so that the search engines will always be able to follow your hyperlink. Dofollow links helps anywhere, whether it be a blog, forum, social networking site, social...
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    Help Me/Question Role of live chat on the online marketing

    Live chat is great! As a consumer, I use it whenever available and prefer it to the phone. The best thing about it is I have a record of the chat to which you can refer later if needed (especially useful with technical support). I also can ask my full question and add whatever I want as the chat...
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    Social media marketing

    Hello Dear, Social Media is one of the best way to promote your website or blog through you make money but how this is not simple so invite friends that is much relevant to our site or blog and spend your more time on Facebook et.... Thanks
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    Page title optimization

    Hello Dear, Here i found very sure discussion about title. If your site title is relevant and SEO friendly then you get much relevancy in Google SERP result. Thanks
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    Facebook beats Google in United Kingdom

    Hello Dear, I saw Facebook as my one of the best friend. So best of luck my hearties friend new year be more prosperous to you. Thanks