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    Help Me/Question What is the best SEO strategy for a website of a hosting company?

    7 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies for a Web Hosting Company 1. Shared Hosting 2. Visibility in Search Results 3. Getting Social 4. Online media buys and lead generation 5. Build Brand Awareness 6. Speak your Customer's Language 7. Reporting and Tracking
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    Help Me/Question Why my website not show in search results in Google?

    Sometimes it can take a week or more for a search engine to update search results. This is because your website is new and doesn't have any inbound links. First, create an account on Google webmaster tools. When you register and point Google to your sitemap.xml URL you can request them to...
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    Help Me/Question What Is The Negative Keywords?

    A negative keyword is a PPC match type (or keyword targeting option) offered by most search engine advertising platforms, including Google AdWords. Negative keywords allow you to selectively filter who sees your ad, based on their search queries.
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    Help Me/Question How Much time Taken to get 1st page rank in google?

    The on & average time for websites to rank on Google through SEO optimization practices is about three to six months. That's accurate jumping to the front of Google's results usually takes between 90-180 days, depending on the effectiveness of your industry and popularity of your keywords.
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    Help Me/Question What Is Bookmarking?

    Social bookmark sites are a way for people to save, or bookmark, their favorite web pages, so they can read them anytime. From a business perspective, it's important to note that search engines take some cues from social bookmarking sites. When they notice a website has been bookmarked...
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    Help Me/Question How Keyword Density Is Calculated?

    Keyword density is a metric that indicates how often a certain keyword is used in the text. It is expressed as a percentage and it is calculated based on the number of words, number of occurrences of the keyword and number of words in the keyword phrase.
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    Help Me/Question Forum Posting or Guest Posting?

    Forum posting is a post your reply or views or comments on a thread or post on a forum sites. Guest posting is when someone else (who is not the owner of the blog) writes a post or page on a blog.
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    Help Me/Question What Is The Use Of Canonical Tag?

    Canonical tags were created to fix duplicate content issues. If you have 3 duplicate pages, you can choose just one of them to be shown in SERPs this way, you can help search engines easily decide what page to show in the search engine results.
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    Help Me/Question How To Set Crowling States in Robot File?

    7 Practical Steps on How to Improve your Domain Authority: Step 1: Work on Your Off-Page SEO. Step 2: On-Page SEO Optimization. Step 3: Work on Your Technical SEO. Step 4: Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly. Step 5: Improve Your Page Speed. Step 6: Increase Your Social Signals. Step 7: Be...
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    Help Me/Question How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Website?

    18 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Engagement of any website: 1. Optimize Your Traffic and Content First 2. Avoid Popups 3. Structure Your User Experience With Specific Menus 4. Utilize White Space 5. Make Sure Fonts Aren’t Too Small 6. Add Related Posts to Your Site 7. Customize Your...