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    Help Me/Question How to reduce the bounce rate of an website?

    Hi guys, as you know that with SEO content is King. After analyzing my website I found that my bounce rate is quite high ( 80%) this could hurt my website ranking. Nearly all of my visitors drop off from my content. Anyone has experience in this case please give some guide? Thanks in advance...
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    Neutral Please Review Our Hosting Website

    Congrats, your website have a well UX optimization.
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    Creating a web sites - Michael Freelancer

    Could you work well with Magento? I have a Magento online retailer store and I want a freelancer to optimize it .
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    My 2 Cents Which do you go for? .com or

    I think if you target your customers at UK you should use .uk. However if international visitors is what you want to focus .com may be more professional
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    Solved/Closed Review My Website

    Nice design but I think it will be more professional if you can remove the facebook comment at the bottom of your website
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    Help Me/Question How to increase google plus followers and increase traffic

    It;s about community building, you need time and effort. Post what your audience interested in , remain it day by day and then you will get the increase of member's numbers
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    Help Me/Question What Is The Benefit Of Bookmark Submission

    Nowadays, bookmarking doesnt help SEO as much as it before. So try guest blogging and forum posting
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    Help Me/Question Is it possible to create affiliation in my site ?

    You just have to promote your vendors products on your website and insert the hop link under the buynow button
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    Tutorial 10 Tips For A Great Domain Name

    Thanks for sharing this useful checklist. But I don't agree with you about the 6th: get a com. Depend on each purpose, we will get the most suitable domain
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    Help Me/Question I Am Trying To Setup Some Offshore Outsourcing Business, Where Can I Find More Info?

    You can go to which is the biggest market place for Freelancers
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    Help Me/Question Best forum sites

    at first please give me what kind of forum that you want to know about?
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    Help Me/Question Best ideas or ways to make money from home? need suggestions

    I think it is better to start your blog with affiliate purpose, this kind of service could bring you huge amount of money