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  1. Oldwriter

    My 2 Cents Php + java/.net languages

    There are two very interesting projects allowing fellow programmers to mix PHP with Java or .NET languages in the same project. If you are proficient in one of the many languages targeting the Java VM or the .NET framework, you will find the code-reuse capabilities appealing. Quercus, PHP for...
  2. Oldwriter

    What is a static constructors?

    Hello beingchinmay, regarding #8: "The user has no control on when the static constructor is executed in the program." If you are using a static class as a way to have exactly one instance of a class and want to have full control regarding your constructor's execution time, you may want to use...
  3. Oldwriter

    Help Me/Question What Methods Do You Use To Increase Your Forum's Registration Rate?

    Something I have used before with success being a persistent floating div with a small inviting message and registration link. Very conscise msg, such as: "Participate from this discussion, join us now!". Best placed a the very top or bottom; full page width. Having a site-wide registration...