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    Best Backlink Checker

    Thanks for mentioning backlinkwatch, I did not knew that site!
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Mac, Have a great time!
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    What is your Favorite OS ?

    MSX 1 OS :) I have good experience with Windows XP.
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    Help Me/Question What's All The Hype??

    Doesn't sound interesting.
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    What are you listoning to?

    That's a cool song, I'm gonna listen to Weezer.
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    PHP Future ...?

    Until they create something new, bigger and better to replace the internet.
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    Php support for adsense

    They should call it Instantspammachine, it adds no value to the web.
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    Website resolution - what to choose

    Most people now have screens with a higher res. then 800x600 but I wouldn't create a site thats wider then 1000 pixels.
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    Christmas marketing when should you start?

    Well don't start to soon, perhaps end of October?
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    I need a tool

    There are some pro website analysers out there which give you in depth details about how your visitors use the site, just google for them. The only free option I know of that can do this is Google Analytics.
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    How much are you ready to pay for a website?

    I'd say around 1000, be sure to also have a budget for marketing your website. That may be even larger.
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    Another new member

    Thanks, for the friendly welcome!
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    News/ Info Google's Phishing Urls And Xml Notifications

    It's like a blessing and a curse.
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    News/ Info Google's Phishing Urls And Xml Notifications

    Google is doing a lot to make the internet a clean and safe place with things like this, it's well appreciated. Although I have my doubts about their nofollow tag.
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    My Suggestion Best Top-level Domain Extension For Your Business

    .com is good for websites targeting a worldwide audience, country tld's are good for national businesses. net is good for well .. nothing?
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    $1000 a Month - 18 Established Websites - High Quality

    Not in my field, but a great buy!
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    Hello there! Protip: In firefox right click and check spelling :)
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    Another new member

    Hello all! Here is another new member, looking for interesting discussions and to learn new things.