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    ScopeHosts.Com - Windows Unmanaged VPS On Germany/USA at 17.99$/mo

    SCOPEHOSTS.COM Hi All, We are now reintroducing the Windows VPS Service after a gap of 12months . Below are the most reliable and affordable Windows VPS plans . Note: Unmanaged VPS Service ends at the point of Installation/Format/Reinstallation Of Choosen Softwares & Damaged Hardware ( Only...
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    Php support for adsense

    I think Its illegal to change the code generated by some other adsense company
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    My 2 Cents Geographical location of visitors

    Thank YOu.....This is very good....I will surely use this
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    Learning Php myself.

    U need to be very thorough in PHP/Mysql.....for doing something like that...
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    Help Me/Question Help needed to develop a shopping cart

    I can use OS Commerce for that.....
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    PHP Future ...?

    PHP will always be there in the future ...It has a good flexibility in coding
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    how to run sql on my pc

    use WAMPSERVER and work on the home directory....
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    Web design without programming

    But if u need a good professional website u have to hire a web designer... if u tell me in which state and city ur in i can suggest u a good one...
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    Help Me/Question Html table cells with same height.

    Use CSS instead for tables.....
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    JavaScript Error Codes in Internet Explorer 8

    Thank You for this.............................
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    My 2 Cents How to install joomla

    Thank You for the short and small installation steps..This would be very helpfull
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    Website resolution - what to choose

    I always use 960 and center it for wide screens....
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    HTML color codes

    Thank YOu. This is very help full for all the newbies.. Thank You Once again
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    My 2 Cents Important Of Navigation

    Navigation's should be there in a website if the content is more.. the content should not be cramped up in a small place
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    Simple or Complex Logo

    For me a logo should be simple which represents your company
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    Hi, I am new to this ... I am here to learn new tools abt web hosting. I have found many experts here whose feild of expertise is related to hosting. Regards Aryans